Monday, November 19, 2012

Snowman Candy Cane

Every year at Christmas, I find myself needing lots of little gifts. Something cute, but not very expensive for the members of my daughter's preschool class or something similar. My mom has been dressing up candy canes for years and it is a cherished memory that I love passing down to my daughter. These cute little snowman are easy to make and very affordable.

You will need:
White Felt
Red Felt
Black Felt
Felt or similar type of glue
Black Seed Beads
Needle and Black Thread
Tiny Red Pom-Poms (optional)
Red Sequins

I don't have a pattern for this little guy, I always just free hand cut everything. Cut a white piece of felt so that it has three tiers like a snowman. Add to vertical slits to the middle tier, this is where the scarf will go.

Cut a strip of red felt and make cuts on both ends for the fringe. Cut a black square and glue it to the head as  the hat. Glue two seed beads for the eyes and stitch on the little mouth with the needle and thread, you can also draw on the mouth with a fine point Sharpie if you prefer. Glue the red pop-pom on to embellish the hat and the sequin for the nose.

Thread the scarf though the snowman, make sure your thread as shown so the white strip in the middle shows. Add a candy cane to the loop the scarf made and you have a cute little Christmas favor, ready for your favorite group of kids!
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