Thursday, December 6, 2012

3D Felt Trees for the Kids to Decorate Over and Over

 If your kids are anything like mine, they won't leave the Christmas tree alone. That beautiful tree is a symbol of the season. A symbol of excitement and my little girl wants to decorate it over and over again. She was beginning to drive me a little crazy. I tried to make her a little felt tree to decorate, but she hated that it was flat and not really all that tree-like. She wanted a tree that stood up like a real tree, so I set about making it happen.
 These trees are really pretty simple. No sewing in involved just some scissors and glue.
You will need:
foam cones ( I ended up using the shorter ones)
felt ( I used green, sparkly white and red and some yellow)
glue (hot glue typically melts Styrofoam so something else like E6000)
 First, cut a circle that is the same size or slightly bigger than the bottom of your cone. Glue the piece to the bottom of your cone.
 Cut a wide triangle. You will have excess to cut off, but these way seems to leave the least amount of seams on the cone. Wrap the felt around the cone, gluing as you go. Once the cone is completely covered, stop covering and trim the excess.
 Wait to trim the top excess until the last. When you trim the top, cut it into a point.
 Glue the point together so it covers the cone.
 Create ornaments for your tree. I cut all sorts of shapes out of red and white felt. Here are some examples of the ornaments I made for my tree. I cut a star using a picture online.
This little tree has been a fun solution to our decorating problem. My three-year-old has love decorating this little tree over and over again.
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