Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Thread Trees (Easy Christmas Craft)

 Christmas is coming and I am in full craft mode. I always seem to think I can make a million things for Christmas and then end up late every night until the big day. These little thread trees are my new obsession. Easy to make and an affordable way to spruce up your Christmas decor.

You will need:
crochet thread  (think green or white)
Elmer's glue or spray starch
plastic wrap
old cereal boxes
 First thing you are going to want to do is dissect your cereal box. Draw a half circle on your cereal box and cut out. Roll the half circle together to look like a cone. the circle edge should be on the bottom.
 Cover your cone with plastic wrap. This is a very important step, without it your thread will stick to the cardboard.
 You can make your tree one of two ways depending on whether you are using glue or starch. If you are using starch  wrap the thread around your cone over and over again until you have a enough on the cone that it resembles a tree. Take it outside and starch the cone. Use a good amount of starch. Wait until the cone drys and then slide your tree off.
 I personally prefer the glue method. It is a little messier, but I think a little sturdier. Pour a little bit of glue on a paper plate. Dip your fingers in the glue and slide them along the thread as you wrap the thread along the cone. Repeat for the entire cone. Wait until the glue dries, and then slide the thread tree off the cone.
You can either display your thread trees as is, or you can spruce them up a bit with button or confetti ornaments. I used small green and red buttons for ornaments and a gold button for the star on top.

Thread trees would be perfect for a little Christmas village or just as accents around your Christmas decor. I love these fun little trees.


Lorene (just Lu) said...

Yours turned out SO cute! And if it can hold up that button, it is also waaaay stronger than mine. Mine has already started drooping in a major way. I just put it back on the cardboard part and restarched it so hopefully that will help...

Amy @ The Happy Scraps said...

What a fun idea! These would be so fun to make with my boys. Thanks for sharing!