Monday, December 10, 2012

Tomato Cage Christmas Trees

 I love lighted Christmas decorations. I think a couple of darling lighted Christmas trees in a yard are perfect for December. As much as I love fun things like that, I don't love how much storage space they need for 11 months of the year. This year I set out to make outdoor decorations that I could dissemble for easy storage. My little girl loves them and they add the perfect touch of festivity to our porch.

You will need:
tomato cages
a strand of light for each
Turn the tomato cage upside down. Starting up at the top of the cage and with the end that doesn't have the plug that can be plugged in an outlet, wrap the Christmas lights around the tomato cage. Wrap tight enough at the top, to pull the spokes of the cage together into a point. I usually wrap the lights around a few times and then tie a lose knot with the end of the lights so it doesn't go anywhere. Keep wrapping until you run out of lights right at the bottom. Make sure you have enough cord left to reach the nearest plug or the extension cord.
These simple trees, have added some festivity to our bah-humbug porch and the best part is that I can take them apart and use my tomato cages come spring!

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Lorene (just Lu) said...

I meant to tell you that this is cute. I love the blue lights!