Wednesday, December 12, 2012

WotW: Bargain Shop the Easy Way with Hukkster

Hey, have you heard about this cool site called Pinterest? Of course you have. Pinterest is a great site for finding new crafts, fashion styles, trendy quotes, women with abs of steel and desserts that make you gain weight just by looking at them. One of the best things about Pinterest is the Pin It bookmarklet.

Recently, I discovered another site that makes extensive use of a bookmarklet, and is quite similar to Pinterest, except it's for shopping. Got your attention?

Let's sweeten it. Not only is this a site for shopping, but it's designed to help you find the best deal for online shopping. It's called Hukkster.

The point of Hukkster is simple:

  1. Go online shopping.
  2. Find an item you like, but would like to wait for a better deal before buying.
  3. Hukk (their word for pinning) the item to your Hukks list
  4. When the item goes on sale, you will be sent an email, text message (or both).
  5. With one click of the mouse you are taken to the deal and can purchase the item.
As a guy, I find this extremely convenient. My idea of shopping is going straight into a store, grabbing what I need, paying the first cashier I see and making my way out in less than a minute. Of course, I still want a good deal. Hukkster allows me to shop from home only when it finds the best deal. So, if this service is cool for a guy, it must be the holy grail for a woman.

Register for a free Hukkster account and determine whether you want to be notified via email, text or both, when an item goes on sale. 

Next, drag the bookmarklet to your toolbar. Put it right next to your Pinterest bookmarklet for easy pinning and to help you remember to do it as you browse and shop online.

Next, go shopping. Hukkster has a list of popular stores you can choose from, but you can use it on most online shopping sites, including Amazon and eBay. Once you find an item you would like to Hukk, simply click on the Hukkster bookmarklet and a little dialog box will appear.

Notice it shows the price on the site you were looking at. You then get to select when you want to be notified: when it goes on sale, when the price drops 25% or when the price drops 50%. Also, you can add the item to a list. By default, you have to type in a list name, but once you've already created a list, it will suggest the list to you as you type.

Next, press the HUKK IT button and it gets saved to your Hukks list. You can continue shopping or call it good.

Some sites provide extra details when you Hukk an item. For instance, when I saved a pair of jeans at Old Navy, I had options for color and fit.

The nice thing about Hukkster is you Hukk the items as you window shop and then let it do the stressful job of figuring out when an item goes on sale. Of course, you can always revisit your Hukks by visiting your Hukks list at any time.

One thing I really like about the Hukks list is the ability to hover over any item and see the site from which you originally saved the item.

While Hukkster probably won't replace your Pinterest account, it's a good side companion and fills a much-needed role in today's online shopping experience.
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