Sunday, January 13, 2013

How Essential Oils Changed My Life

I never imagined myself using essential oils. I am a skeptic by nature and essential oils seemed really out there, so they weren't something I considered for my family, until last May. Last May I was in a car accident, and while I was lucky enough to walk away, my life changed forever that day. I spent a week in a haze of pain killers that the ER doctors had prescribed, expecting the pain to go away. A week after I ran out of pain killers I was still hoping the pain would subside soon. A month later I was begging it to leave. 

I told my husband I felt like I was living in "the after," that I had two parts of my life – before the accident and after. Although the back and neck pain was intense, the worst part of the pain was the headaches. Chronic migraines are migraines that occur at least 15 days in any given month. I was suffering between 28-30 a month. One of the doctors told me they don't even have a name for what I was going through. When they recalled Excedrin migraine this summer, I cried for hours. I felt like I was losing my only ally. 

It was about this time I met Becky, who has been using essential oils for a long time with her family and she encouraged me to try them. I was hesitant because of the price, so she sent me deals and coupons for Plant Therapy Essential Oils, which was less than a third of the price of some other brands. I caved and bought some peppermint oil. 

When my oil came a few days later, I casually rubbed some of it onto my temples and went about my life. About 15 minutes later, I was typing on my computer and realized I didn't feel like I was in a fog. I could think, I could see without squinting. I was so excited I didn't have a migraine, I called my husband at work. 

Ever since that moment I have been a huge believer in essential oils. A few drops of peppermint oil had done something really expensive prescription migraine medicine couldn't. I still suffer from chronic migraines, but I feel I have a way to push back now, a way to control my life again. I can honestly say Essential Oils have made a huge improvement to my quality of my life. In my eyes, they are a miracle. I take peppermint oil everywhere I go now and whenever I start to rub my temples, squint or slouch in pain, my husband starts looking for the oil in my purse. 

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