Monday, February 4, 2013

Baker's Twine Wrapped Heart Necklace

 I can't believe it February already. I still haven't even pulled out my winter decor, let alone the pink hearts. My daughter has recently become obsessed with my jewelry box and I wanted to make her something durable that wouldn't cost very much, that she could wear for Valentine's. I used these earrings as inspiration, but since I didn't have her supplies on hand, I went my own way. If you are like me and have baker's twine laying around your house, you could probably make this whole necklace from supplies you have on hand.

You will need:
Baker's Twine
a large paper clip
a necklace jump ring

The first thing you need to do is open the paper clip so that it look like a heart. There are several ways to do this, if you separate the paper clip just a little bit, it will be an overlapping heart, or you can pull it completely apart and shape it into a heart as in these photos.

Start wrapping the paper clip in twine. The goal is to completely cover the paper clip with twine. As you wrap, dip your fingers in glue and spread it over the twine as you go. Cementing the twine together.
After the paper clip is completely covered, wrap the heart a few more times, this time going across the heart, to create the insides. When it came to this part, I decided less is more. You want to be able to see through the heart. Trying weaving in and out of the heart to created your desired effect. I finished the heart by tying a little knot and then going back over it with glue.

Allow the heart to dry completely and then add a jump ring to it so it can be worn as a necklace. This necklace turned out better than I expected it too, in fact, after I gave it to my four-year-old, I decided I liked it so much that I needed to make myself one. It is the perfect Valentine-y necklace with bonus points for being made out of stuff I had on hand.

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