Thursday, February 7, 2013

Organizing Your Bathroom with Desk Organizers

 When we moved into our house a few months ago, I kind of dumped everything in the general area it would eventually go, intending to come back and clean out each drawer. My husband and I have an unspoken agreement that he leaves me alone when I am in the organizing zone, for some reason I organize better by myself. Organization is a slow process in our house

My first projects in my house were the kitchen and my craft room, so the bathrooms were sorely neglected. When I couldn't get the top drawer open in the bathroom, I knew the bathroom needed to come next in organization schedule.
This the state I found my drawer in. I have tried lots of different techniques in bathroom organization, but I think this one is my favorite, all it involves is a desk organizer, the ones meant for paper clips and rubber bands  They work perfectly in the bathroom.

The first thing you need to do is dump your drawer and wipe it down. Then go through each item and decide what really needs to be in this drawer. In our house we keep shared items/my husband's items in one drawer and then I have a separate drawer for my hair and beauty products. For instance if an item is solely mine, it needs to go in a different drawer, freeing up space in this one.

In my organizer:
Contacts- My husband and I both wear contacts, so I keep a few spares here.
Spare Razor Heads- This might not be a good place to store these if you have curious kids
Chapsticks- We have a rule in our house. These two chap sticks stay here so we can find them.
Contact Cases
Tweezers/Nail Clippers- I love having these in the same easy to find place every time I need them.
Bobby Pins
Tooth Brushes

Other ideas:
Hair Elastics
Nail Files

I keep the toothpaste behind the organizer and then I use the rest of the drawer to keep my husband's toiletries.

This system has been in place at our house for a few weeks and I have been surprised how well it has worked. Everything has been put back where it goes regularly, which makes this a success in my book!
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