Thursday, February 28, 2013

Photo Holder Turned Bracelet Storage

 I think bracelets might be my favorite form of jewelry, at least I buy them like they are. There is something fantastic about a cute bracelet that never seems to get old for me.

 Until about a month ago, I was throwing all of my bracelets in a box by my bed. Every time I was headed out somewhere I would dump the box and try and find the piece I wanted. It was driving me crazy.

I love the organization I have for my earrings and necklaces, I decided I needed something similar for bracelets, where I could see them all at the same time. I headed to the thrift store waiting for the inspiration to hit. I was looking for something kind of like a mug tree and I ended up with a photo holder instead.

I have discovered that photo holders are PERFECT for storing bracelets. I can twist them around the coils and the bracelets stay put, right where I want them to and they are easy to get back off again. I have found myself wearing a bigger variety of my jewelry because I can see it all now. In fact, I had forgotten about so many of these bracelets that pulling them all out and organizing them was like Christmas morning!
I found a couple of fun looking ones on Amazon here and here, or keep your eye out at your local thrift store 
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