Monday, March 4, 2013

Necklace and Earring Organizer

For years my husband has complained that I never wear the jewelry he buys me, he has always thought it was because I didn't like it. In reality, I always forgot I had it. I decided I needed something visual, that would show me not only all the necklaces I own, but the earrings as well. This organizer is perfect for both. It really helps me visuals combinations and I now wear a variety of everything I own. Construction of this necklace and earring organizer is pretty simple, but it does require some tools.

You will need:
A board 2 x.5 feet
14 cup hooks ( I used 22.225 MM)
mesuaring tape
a dowel (I brought a pair of earrings with me and bought the dowl the earrings would easily slide onto)
hot glue
a saw
a drill

For my boards, I always find what I need at the hardware store and then have them cut it down to two feet for me. It makes life a lot easier. The first things you are going to need to do is measure out where you are going to place your hooks. If you look closely, you can see my organizer has 13 hooks, but I am adding an extra 14th in this tutorial for stability. I have drawn a diagram to help you visualize the project. If you need a closer look you can download a pdf of the diagram here.

First measure for your earring bar. Marking each drill mark with a pencil. I drilled the holes for my earring bar 1-inch and a quarter in from the sides and a half an inch down from the top. This is wear I would add the 14th hook. I feel like my earring bar sags in the middle, I want to drill one more in the middle of the board/bar for stability.

Next measure your first row of hooks across. This row is 2.5 inches from the top of the board and it will have six necklace hooks. Here are the measurements for my row. 2.25 inches, hook, 4 inches, hook, 4 inches, hook, 3.5 inches, hook, 3.5 inches hook, 4 inches, hook. 2.25 inches.

Then measure the hooks for your last row. This row is 1.75 inches from the bottom of the board and it will have five necklace hooks. Here are the measurements for my row. 4.5 inches, hook, 4 inches, hook, 3.75 inches, hook, 3.5 inches, hook 4 inches, hook. 4.5 inches.

Make sure the hooks all look even on your board, adjust if needed. Drill each hole and screw the hooks into the board. Cut a dowel the length of the board with a saw. Place on the three hooks at the top of the board. Add a dab of hot glue to the top hooks before adding the dowel to help them stay in place.

I absolutely love having my earrings out by my necklaces where I can seem them, I am wearing jewelry every day now! I think I am filing this craft project with my favorites.
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