Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spice Jar Button Storage

 I love buttons. They are one of my favorite crafting supplies and I can never seem to walk past them at the fabric store without adding a few to my collection. When I was a kid, my mom kept all of her buttons in a large jar that we had to dump out and search through when you needed something specific. I decided to make things a little bit easier on myself and sort my buttons by color, so they aren't quite so hard to find.

I decided on small jars meant for spices to help everything organized. I had these colorful spice jars on hand already, but you can find similar colorful ones here on Amazon, or clear ones here.

I separated my buttons into 13 categories. Black, White, Red, Orange, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow, Brown, Grey, Purple and Metallic. I keep all of the buttons except the gold and silver ones on a shelf about my pegboard organizer. Since many of my metallic buttons are the larger, almost brooch like, they sit in a candy jar in another spot in my craft room.
My button shelf can always make me smile. I love looking at the organization of it all. What crafting supplies are your favorite?
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Lorene (just Lu) said...

I love your buttons. I tried to be cool like you but my containers and buttons did not cooperate. So I have a glass cube full of buttons next to one full of googly eyes :) Someday my buttons will be as cool as yours!

Markell Corpus said...

I love how beautiful this is. I wish I had this many buttons...

Mrs. Diner said...

Love those jars! And the price on Amazon is really reasonable for such cuties!