Wednesday, March 20, 2013

WotW: Build Your Own (Digital) Mix Tape with Songdrop

Anybody else remember spending hours listening to the radio with your finger on the record button of your tape deck, waiting for your favorite song to air so you could record it and make the ultimate mix tape? I sadly admit to making many of these mix tapes. Today, we have a number of devices and software that take care of this for us.

My next big find is yet another digital mix tape concept, but done remarkably well and with the web in mind. It's called Songdrop.

The concept is simple. Whenever you're on the web, listening to a favorite song on a popular music/video site, like YouTube, you hit the Songdrop Chrome extension or bookmarklet and save that song to a mix. Each song you add is called a drop. You can add as many drops to a mix as you want and make as many mixes as you desire.
Over time, you will build a robust mix that has all your favorites. Then you just login to your Songdrop account and play through all the songs in your mix.

Songdrop does the work of grabbing these songs from their original source (ex: YouTube) so you don't have to. You just enjoy the music. Pretty slick.

One of my favorite things about each drop is how Songdrop searches through the video source to make "CD" cover art for each drop. This art spins like a CD as the song plays.

Besides your own mixes, you can discover drops by other users. There is a recent feed that shows new drops by other users that you can re-drop into one of your mixes. This is a great way to discover new music. I can't promise it will be good, but you'll find something new.

Adding a song is a piece of cake. Let's say you're on YouTube watching the music video to a favorite song. If you have the Chrome extension or bookmarklet installed, simply click on that and a pop-up window appears.

It scans the page and finds all the songs it can. If it's YouTube, it will only find one – the song you're listening to. You get a chance to edit the Song Title and Artist Name. Songdrop does its best to analyze this for you based on the page information, but it's nice to be able to edit if you want. Once everything is just right, select which mix you want to add the drop to (or make a new one) and drop it. The song is now part of your music collection.

Songdrop is an investment of time at first, but well worth it once you've built your playlists. I find myself listening to music on YouTube a lot and just by remembering to hit the extension while I listen makes my listening experience easier in the future with all my favorites in one location. Give it a try. It's a fun, clean and easy to use web app that is one my favorite new sites.
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