Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spray Painted Doily Canvas

 The other day I was out an about scouring thrift stores for some interesting pieces of art to decorate an upcoming event. I came home empty handed and frustrated. Thrifting is like that. Sometimes I hit jackpot and other times I waste a whole day. The deadline was approaching and I needed to pull something together quickly and so I did what I usually do when I need a project fast, pulled out the spray paint. . I began playing around with spray paint, canvases and random objects. I ended up with some funny looking canvases to paint over later and a few that I loved. This was one of my favorite results. It is simple, and can be finished in just the time it takes for paint to dry.

You will need:
Spray paint in two different colors
a canvas, this one is 11x14
paper doilies
 First, spray paint your entire canvas the color you want the doilies to be when the whole project is finished. Let dry.
 Lay the doilies on the dry canvas. I taped the doilies down on the edges, but not in the middle of the canvas because I didn't want to leave tape spray paint lines.
Spray paint over the doilies. Hold the spray paint 6-8 inches away and spray the canvas directly. Don't spray at an angle, or you increase the chance of getting paint underneath the doilies. Let dry. Peel the doilies off the canvas.

Quick and easy, this would be a great project for older children that could be trusted with spray paint.

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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Creative Showcase Features and Link-Up

Creative Showcase has been making me hungry lately. Terribly hungry. Here are a few of my favorite recipe link-ups from the past few weeks.
Gluten Free Recipes
 Lemon Pie Bars with a Gluten-Free Alternative from Cranberry Morning. These look divine. I have a lemon obsession.
 Quinoa Stuffed Peppers from Lemon Tree Dwelling. We are really getting into Quinoa in our house. It is a the perfect ingredient to replace unhealthy alternatives with.
Easy Lasagna from a Mouse in my Kitchen. Who doesn't love some yummy lasagna?

I can't wait to get cooking!

Now to this week's Creative Showcase. Want to be featured? Link up below!
Housewife Eclectic Creative Showcase

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What have you been creating?

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Corn and Black Bean Salsa

Bean and Corn Salsa
When I left for college when I was 18, I had a goal. To never eat beans again, ever. I decided I was an adult and nobody could force me to eat them. I quickly found myself on dates where I had to eat beans or look foolish, so I ate them. When I got married, I reaffirmed my desire to never eat a bean again...then we moved to South Texas where beans are a food group. The first time I ordered a plate with no beans, the waiter acted like I shot him. So I started taking slow nibbles and I discovered that I actually love black beans.

I still never want to eat another bite of chili, but I LOVE black beans. In light of my discovery, my husband has used black beans in everything. This particular recipe is one of my favorites. We loved to eat it with grilled chicken. Yum.

You will need:
2 cups of corn
3 tablespoons black beans, drained
1 Roma tomato, diced
1/2 a green pepper, diced
1 tablespoon green onion, diced
olive oil
dash of salt
dash of cayenne pepper

Spray a cooking sheet with non-stick cooking spray, spread out the corn in a even layer. Roast the corn in a 450 degree oven for about 10 minutes or until golden brown. Saute the beans, green onion, tomato and pepper in olive oil until heated. Add the corn and season with salt and cayenne. Enjoy!
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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Labeled Kids Art Supplies Buckets

Kid art supply organization
I live in my craft room. Seriously, I do. I would say I spend at least half of my waking hours in that room each day. Whether I am blogging, sewing, painting, or creating something completely random, it is all done in my craft room.

When I was first planning my craft room, I had so much I wanted to fit in, a sewing table, my computer, fabric, there wasn't a lot of room to spare, but I know I needed a kid's corner. As much time as I spend in my craft room, I really wanted my four-year-old to be comfortable too. I didn't want to spend all of our time while I created, so I created a corner of the room where she can create too. It is a place that she is allowed to draw, paint, play Play-doh and let her creative mind work.

I will reveal her awesome kids' corner in greater detail in a feature post, today I just want to focus on this buckets for her art supplies. They sit on top of her desk and hold her basic art supplies. What I absolutely LOVE about this system, is that she knows exactly where her own supplies go and she can clean up after art time on her own. Her area stays pretty neat and tidy because everything has a place.

These cute buckets came from Ikea. I found them with the plant supplies and they were .79 cents a piece. You can find them online here, but they have to be purchase in store. Vinyl of any kind would work to label these buckets, I personally used permanent vinyl. I wanted something with staying power if I was going to be using it around my child AND art supplies. I cut the vinyl using my Cricut, but you could always trace a print out of the words you like and use scissors to cut them out, or ask a friend with a craft machine to cut them for you.

The buckets have held up really well. She has drawn on them a few times with markers, but I just used baby wipes to wash them clean again. I really love these cute little buckets, they hold all of her supplies, keep them organized and she can put them back herself. To me, that is the perfect combination.

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Monday, April 22, 2013

10 Ten Books I thought I would Like More/Less

This was a hard topic for me. I always feel bad when I don't like a book. An author poured all of their heart and soul into a book and I just don't like it? I know I can't love every book I read, but I geniuely don't think I have ever completely hated anything, I always judge my feelings of a book off of whether or not I want to buy it and read it again. Here are five books that I will never read again and five books that I was surprised to find I like. Linking up at The Broke and Bookish.

5 books I thought I would like more:

Wicked: I wanted to like this book and it some ways I did, I liked the original take on the typical Wizard of Oz story, but I honestly had so many unanswered questions. I often get asked if I recommend this book, and I just don't, especially to anybody sensitive, it can be graphic in parts.

Eragon: I am sorry to everyone who loved this book. I had to pull myself through every page. It had the recipe for me to love it, its execution just left me wanting.

Julie and Julia: I won't lie, I read this book after I saw the movie. Which is something I usually avoid at all costs, I hate going into books with preconceived notions. I spent the whole time I read this book wishing she was less whiny and more like sweet Amy Adams and it totally ruined it for me. Full Review Here.

Always Looking Up: I really did like parts of this book. The parts where Michael J. Fox delved into his life and talked more about his personal struggles were fabulous. The other parts....not so much. Full Review Here.

The Lovely Bones: Everybody raves about this book. I found it, well, kind of creepy. It just didn't strike a chord with me. Full Review Here.

Even though I didn't love any of these books, I own all but one of them. A little sad, right?

5 books I thought I would like less but ending up enjoying:

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: So this is a total kids book. The kind you hand to your elementary aged reader. It was recommended to me by a teacher friend, and I liked it. It isn't earth shattering and on my favorites list, but I thought it was pretty clever. Full Review Here.

Complications: A Surgeon's Notes on a Imperfect Science: When I was a kid, I wanted to be a doctor. Somewhere down the road I discovered that I get pretty squeamish and that career was out of the question and usually medical books. I really love this book. It is non-fiction, and an insider's view of surgery. It made me feel better in some aspects and nervous to ever go under the knife in others. Full Review Here.

Speak: Speak is about such sensitive subject matter, that I wasn't sure I would like reading it. I really love this book. It is raw and thought-provoking. It is such an important book. Our choices have consequences for the people around us. Full Review Here.

We Have Always Lived in the Castle: This book based around the murder of almost an entire family wasn't something that would normally appeal to me. I read it because a good friend suggested it and it was the perfect creepy read. Suspense with a dash of crazy. Full Review Here.

The Girl of Fire and Thorns: I wasn't so in love with the premise of this book. An arranged marriage in a far away land to a less than interested king, didn't sounds like the makings of a great book, but this one and especially its sequel is on my lists of favorites. Full Review Here.

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DIY Little Girl Dress from Adult T-Shirt

DIY Child Dress
I usually consider a t-shirt the most boring thing in my wardrobe, sometimes I try to dress them up a little bit, but usually they are what I wear just around the house. Who knew with a little bit of sewing, some ric-rac, and the new heat transfer from Cricut, a simple t-shirt could become the perfect dress for your little girl?

You will need:
A t-shirt to transform (this one is an adult medium)
2" Grosgrain ribbon, large ric-rac and a smaller grosgrain ribbon 
Cricut Heat Transfer
1/4" elastic 

DIY Child Dress
 The first thing you need to do is cut the neck and sleeves of the shirt off. Don't discard them, we will use them later. Make sure when you are cutting the collar, that you just cut the collar. You want to leave the material on the back, or it will dip down just like the front. 
Cut a length of elastic, so that it will fit around the neck of your child comfortably. Sew the elastic into a loop. 
Turn the shirt inside out and pin the elastic evenly around the neckline then stretch the elastic out as you sew it around the neck. It will make the shirt bunch up, which is exactly what is supposed to happen.
 The neck should look gathered after you sew the elastic on. 
 The arms holes will be way too big. Try the shirt on your child and make a nice size arm hole for them and then put a pin in that location, separating the arm hole into two part. Sew a simple seam down in the extra arm hole area. This will make the shirt go out to a point, don't worry we will fix this later. 
 Now with your new smaller arm hole, repeat the same steps you followed for the neckline, using a piece of elastic that will fit comfortably around your child's arm. 
The basic dress is now finished and ready to be embellished. 
Cut the pockets from the leftover sleeve material. You want to cut the pocket with the seam at what will be the top of the pocket. This saves sewing later. 
 Cut out your pockets. 
If you want to add ric-rac or ribbon to your pocket, this is the place. Sew the ric-rac onto the top of the pocket, making sure there is enough to wrap the ric-ric around the edge when you sew the pockets onto the dress. 
Fold in the edges of the pocket and iron.
 Pin the pockets onto the dress. For me, I have found the best way to do this was to pin the pockets on while my daughter was wearing the dress. I pinned the pockets without it on her the first time and I had to unpick and resew because they didn't hang in the right spots when the dress was on. After you pin your pockets, you are going to want to add your heat transfer design. I did this before I sewed the pockets, so I could make sure the heat transfer and pockets were where I wanted them in relation to each other. 
Princess Dress
I used my Cricut Mini and the new Cricut Heat Transfer to cut the crown and the word princess. Make sure if you are printing words to flip the images before you cut them. Each sheet of heat transfer has two part to its a plastic sheet and the actual heat transfer. In this case the heat transfer is pink and gold, this is the part you want face up on your cutting mat.  
Cut the images and then weed out the excess vinyl. Set your iron to the highest setting and preheat the area of your fabric you want you image to adhere to. Place the image vinyl side down on your fabric. Using a a piece of fabric or dish cloth, cover your image and plastic sheet. Iron the image for about 30 seconds with medium pressure. Flip you project over and iron the back of the image for another 30 seconds. Allow the project to cool and then peel the plastic sheet off.
Sew on the pockets and then sew on the ribbon at the bottom. The largest piece of ribbon should be sewed right about the hem of the shirt. The next piece of ribbon just above that and the last piece just above that. 
 Now here is where we fix the weird points on the sides of the dress. Take a length of ribbon, long enough to tie a bow and, fold the unfinished edge over and then fold one more time, so the edge is hidden inside. Pin to the area of the dress that comes to a point and sew. Repeat on the other side. 
This will create a tie in the back, that can be used to help the dress fit better and hide the points from the sleeve holes of the shirt. 
The finished front and back of the dress.
Shirt Dress
 Honestly, once there was a clear vision of what this dress was going to look like, it came together pretty fast. Sewing on a knit t-shirt, is pretty easy compared to most materials, just make sure you take into account the shirt will stretch when pinning on embellishments. 
A special thanks to my best friend Lorene of Just Lu, who helped make this dress happen! 
I love the end result and my little girl does too. She asks to wear it absolutely everyday. I absolutely love the new gold heat transfer from Cricut. My little girl can't stop talking about how her princess crown actually glitters. Love the new heat transfer too? You can buy it one of two ways right now, get $15 off the vinyl bundle here or with a machine and tool kit, at an incredible discount for only $199, regularly $319. Seriously, an awesome discount. 
(I was given some heat transfer from Cricut to try for this post. All opinions are my own)
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Saturday, April 20, 2013

10 Activities for Earth Day and Creative Showcase Link-up

April has flown by around here. I wish it had brought more spring instead of more snow, but I live in Utah, so I can't be picky. Earth day is coming up, so I thought I would share 10 fun crafts that involve the Earth or recycled materials to make this week. 

 Can you believe this darling wreath is made from egg cartons? This Egg Carton Wreath is from Homemade Serenity.
 I love this Upcycled Plastic Bottle Cap Mosaic from BluKatKraft. Seriously how creative!
 I absolutely love how simple these Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeders from The Moffat Girls is.
 Recycle those plastic waterbottles into Homemade Lava Lamps from Momma's Fun World.
 Isn't this Tissue Paper Earth from What to Expect just perfect for Earth Day?
 This Robot Pencil Holder made out of recycled items by Plaid Kid's Crafts, is just cute!
 I love these Toilet Paper Roll Cars from Tpcraft.
 This tree is on my to-make list. I think it is so perfect for Earth day. Tree Craft from I Heart Crafty Things.
I know I already featured a bird feeder, but I can't help but love these shaped Bird Feeders from HelloBee.
I think any kid would love to make this Stained Glass Planet Earth from Mom On Timeout.

Now to this week's Creative Showcase. Want to be featured? Link up below!
Housewife Eclectic Creative Showcase

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