Tuesday, April 16, 2013

10 Books I Recommend Over and Over

It is not secret that I absolutely love to read. I am currently in the middle of my 50th book of 2013 and I usually read between 1 and 18 books a week depending on time and if I am in the middle of a great series. I, like any avid reader, get asked to recommend books all the time. It honestly makes me so nervous. You never know what while offend somebody and so I tend to never recommend books. These are 10 that I love so much that I can't hardly keep from gushing about.

1. Grave Mercy- Nun Assassins. Need I say more? Oh how I love these books, they are captivating, interesting and nothing like I have ever read. The first book has some violence but I would even recommend it to my sensitive mother. The second book is way more graphic and so compelling. The main character has had a terrible life and you can't help but feel for her and the terrible things that have happened to her. I would hide the second book from my sensitive mother.

2. The Vault In Our Stars- Sad books don't often make it to my list of favorites, but oh how I love the Fault In Our Stars. I cried through the second half of the book and I would read it again. Full review here.

3. Vampire Academy- Many people disregard any series with Vampires in it and all I can say is that they are missing out! I read all six books in this series in two days. I love the kick butt heroine and her crazy save my friends/defy authority attitude. This series is set around a high school and is totally a fan girl series, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I often get asked if this series is appropriate for teenagers. There is quite a bit of violence and some sex. I suggest that moms read the series for themselves and decide for their specific teen.

4. Night Circus- A magical competition that involves creating impossible and creative tents for a circus that is only open at night? A beautiful romance and the amazing circus make this a favorite. Full review here.

5. Divergent. This is hands down my favorite dsytopian novel, and since I read every dsytopian novel I come across, that is saying something. I love the setting, I love all of the background characters and I absolutely love Tris and Four. I love them separately and together.

6. Graceling- A story of a headstrong girl that is "graced" with the ability to kill people. Even though she is forced to do the king's bidding, she secretly runs a resistance opposed to his rule. I love this book. I love its sequels. I love the main characters and their relationship might be one of my favorite romances ever. There is violence and the last book in the series talks about heavy topics, but for an adult or mature teenager I think they would love this series as much as I do. Full review here.

7. The Belgariad- This honestly might be one of the best fantasy series ever written. It is creative and engaging. Even having read the series 6 or 7 times, every time I start them I finish all five books in a matter of days.

8. The Winter Sea- Set in two different times in the same location. A writer in the present is trying to write about the past and finds that maybe she posses some sort of genetic memory that lets her see her ancestors story for herself. Full review here.

9. Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices Series- I always hesitate when I recommend these series because I am not sure when I fell in love with it. It wasn't after the first book. It might have been after the third, but it is truly the conglomeration of all 8 books plus one still to come, that makes it wonderful. Anyone who stopped reading after one book will not understand the hype and love of these two series. If anything, the fourth and fifth Mortal Instruments and second and third Infernal Devices are my favorites. (Infernal Devices is the prequel series to the Mortal Instruments)

10. Cinder- A Cinderella retelling with Cinderella as a cyborg? As much as I liked Cinder, I would Cinder again just to read the second book in the series, Scarlet. In this world set in the future, the Earth is in danger of invasion from the moon and there is only one person who has a chance to stopping it, the Lunar Princess, but she has been missing for years and is probably dead, Cinder is just a mechanic and a lowly cyborg, but she gets wrapped up with a prince and the problems on invasion.

What books do you recommend over and over?

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Guereca Family said...

I always recommend the Narnia series. They can be perceived as simple and can be understood by children but each time I read them I find new depth and analogies in them. I cried during The Last Battle at the remarkable allegorical implications.

Lorene (just Lu) said...

I honestly do not recommend books that often, because I don't remember so many that I read! So recommendations are usually the most recent thing I've read and liked... but beyond that, if people haven't read them, I always recommend To Kill a Mockingbird and Ella Enchanted. Eclectic tastes for the win :)

Susan said...

18 books a week? Holy cow! I'm on #42 of the year and I feel like I'm reading constantly.

ANYWAY, I've read five of your picks and I agree -- they're ones I recommend over and over as well.

chrissireads said...

Wow, that really is some impressive reading. Some fabulous recommendations there.

Alicia said...

Thanks for the list!! It jogged my memory on a couple, and gave me an idea for book club! Winter Sea was one that another friend recommended, so I'm putting it at the top of my list!! I appreciate your insight!

Maryann Goodspeed Penman said...

I LOVE the Belgariad series! And the sequel series, the Mallorean. The characters are so fun and memorable, and I love watching Garion grow up throughout the series. I'm sad to say I haven't read any of the others on your list, but I am going to pin this post so I can read them when I get a spare moment to read. Man, in junior high and high school I read every spare second of the day and into the night, but now that I have my two toddlers I don't have a lot of reading time :( Thanks for giving me some books to look forward to!

Karen Counts said...

I have come across a fabulous book that I have to recommend OVER AND OVER AND OVER called “Shanghai Love” by author Layne Wong (http://laynewong.com/). It is an unlikely love story between a Chinese herbalist and a Jewish refugee looking for safety from Nazi Germany. The herbalist, Peilin, was betrothed to a man who was killed before their wedding but tradition and honor forced the marriage along anyways. She is sent to Shanghai to manage his family’s herbal shop. Shanghai is also Henri’s destination as he has graduated from medical school as Hitler is rising to power. He flees to Shanghai where he’s befriended by Ping, Peilin’s brother. Through her kindness, Henri becomes fascinated with Chinese herbs as well as the exotic culture surrounding him. Both characters, situations, and cultures are those I have little in common with but the book does transport you and allows you to walk in their shoes for a little while. Hope you will give it a read :)