Monday, April 22, 2013

10 Ten Books I thought I would Like More/Less

This was a hard topic for me. I always feel bad when I don't like a book. An author poured all of their heart and soul into a book and I just don't like it? I know I can't love every book I read, but I geniuely don't think I have ever completely hated anything, I always judge my feelings of a book off of whether or not I want to buy it and read it again. Here are five books that I will never read again and five books that I was surprised to find I like. Linking up at The Broke and Bookish.

5 books I thought I would like more:

Wicked: I wanted to like this book and it some ways I did, I liked the original take on the typical Wizard of Oz story, but I honestly had so many unanswered questions. I often get asked if I recommend this book, and I just don't, especially to anybody sensitive, it can be graphic in parts.

Eragon: I am sorry to everyone who loved this book. I had to pull myself through every page. It had the recipe for me to love it, its execution just left me wanting.

Julie and Julia: I won't lie, I read this book after I saw the movie. Which is something I usually avoid at all costs, I hate going into books with preconceived notions. I spent the whole time I read this book wishing she was less whiny and more like sweet Amy Adams and it totally ruined it for me. Full Review Here.

Always Looking Up: I really did like parts of this book. The parts where Michael J. Fox delved into his life and talked more about his personal struggles were fabulous. The other parts....not so much. Full Review Here.

The Lovely Bones: Everybody raves about this book. I found it, well, kind of creepy. It just didn't strike a chord with me. Full Review Here.

Even though I didn't love any of these books, I own all but one of them. A little sad, right?

5 books I thought I would like less but ending up enjoying:

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: So this is a total kids book. The kind you hand to your elementary aged reader. It was recommended to me by a teacher friend, and I liked it. It isn't earth shattering and on my favorites list, but I thought it was pretty clever. Full Review Here.

Complications: A Surgeon's Notes on a Imperfect Science: When I was a kid, I wanted to be a doctor. Somewhere down the road I discovered that I get pretty squeamish and that career was out of the question and usually medical books. I really love this book. It is non-fiction, and an insider's view of surgery. It made me feel better in some aspects and nervous to ever go under the knife in others. Full Review Here.

Speak: Speak is about such sensitive subject matter, that I wasn't sure I would like reading it. I really love this book. It is raw and thought-provoking. It is such an important book. Our choices have consequences for the people around us. Full Review Here.

We Have Always Lived in the Castle: This book based around the murder of almost an entire family wasn't something that would normally appeal to me. I read it because a good friend suggested it and it was the perfect creepy read. Suspense with a dash of crazy. Full Review Here.

The Girl of Fire and Thorns: I wasn't so in love with the premise of this book. An arranged marriage in a far away land to a less than interested king, didn't sounds like the makings of a great book, but this one and especially its sequel is on my lists of favorites. Full Review Here.

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