Thursday, April 25, 2013

Labeled Kids Art Supplies Buckets

Kid art supply organization
I live in my craft room. Seriously, I do. I would say I spend at least half of my waking hours in that room each day. Whether I am blogging, sewing, painting, or creating something completely random, it is all done in my craft room.

When I was first planning my craft room, I had so much I wanted to fit in, a sewing table, my computer, fabric, there wasn't a lot of room to spare, but I know I needed a kid's corner. As much time as I spend in my craft room, I really wanted my four-year-old to be comfortable too. I didn't want to spend all of our time while I created, so I created a corner of the room where she can create too. It is a place that she is allowed to draw, paint, play Play-doh and let her creative mind work.

I will reveal her awesome kids' corner in greater detail in a feature post, today I just want to focus on this buckets for her art supplies. They sit on top of her desk and hold her basic art supplies. What I absolutely LOVE about this system, is that she knows exactly where her own supplies go and she can clean up after art time on her own. Her area stays pretty neat and tidy because everything has a place.

These cute buckets came from Ikea. I found them with the plant supplies and they were .79 cents a piece. You can find them online here, but they have to be purchase in store. Vinyl of any kind would work to label these buckets, I personally used permanent vinyl. I wanted something with staying power if I was going to be using it around my child AND art supplies. I cut the vinyl using my Cricut, but you could always trace a print out of the words you like and use scissors to cut them out, or ask a friend with a craft machine to cut them for you.

The buckets have held up really well. She has drawn on them a few times with markers, but I just used baby wipes to wash them clean again. I really love these cute little buckets, they hold all of her supplies, keep them organized and she can put them back herself. To me, that is the perfect combination.

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