Monday, April 8, 2013

Picture Frames from Cabinet Doors and Windows

For the past few years, my walls have all been large gallery walls with lots of different little frames. As much as I loved them, I got the evil eye from my husband when I suggested hanging them again in our new house. Since they take a lot of work to get perfectly straight, I got vetoed on gallery walls. I have been looking for new ways to hang my pictures including large picture collages and using different things such as cabinet doors as frames. 
 Since we aren't remodeling anything anytime soon, I kept my eyes out on yard sale sites on Facebook for people that were. I was looking for glass cabinet doors or windows. It didn't take too long before I found someone parting with this for less than $10.

The first thing you need to do is remove the hardware and clean the glass. Leave any hardware on the front on, to complete the look, but remove any hanging hardware that helped attach the door to the cabinet. Next measure your panes and figure out what size of photos you will need.

In order to fill my entire pane of glass, I needed vertical 8x10s. I decided to scrounge through all the old photos I have printed and use pictures from varying stages of our life. A couple of my prints that I wanted to use were horizontal, but it was close enough that I was able to fudge them a bit.
 Most of my pictures that I printed for my project, I didn't mind cutting to fit the pane. There were a few pictures that I can't replace easily and so I elected not to trim them. I started with those pictures first and in the middle, so I slide other pictures under them and tape to them as needed. With just simple scotch tape, I trimmed the images and taped them to the back in between the panes.
 While taping, make sure to check the front often to check for any pictures peeking into panes that they shouldn't be. After my door was filled with pictures, I used 3M picture hanging strips to hang the door on the wall.
I really loved how it ended up turning out. I was even more surprised that my husband seems to like it too. He is usually indifferent to my projects. ;) I love that by just using scotch tape, I have made it easy to switch out photos for newer ones if I decide to update the look. This hangs in our upstairs hallway and the long door is perfect for the narrow walls in the space! 
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