Monday, April 15, 2013

Whiteboard Menu and Shopping List

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 Let's face it, as moms we get asked lots of questions. Number one on that list for me is, "What's For Dinner?" The reality is I usually have no idea. I tend to wing it every night. The problem with winging it, is it not only leaves me stressing an hour before dinner time, sometimes I can't come up with something to eat at all because we don't have the right ingredients on hand.

I decided it was finally time to make a central location to use to not only plan out our meals, but leave them where my husband can see them too. This white board, right at the entrance to our kitchen, has solved a lot of those problems. Before we go grocery shopping each week, we sit down together and plan what meals we would like to have. I fit them into our menu, planning easier meals on the nights I know we are busy and more complicated meals on the days when I am home all day. I added a shopping list area to the other side of the board and as I make my list, I write down what I need. I also add to this list when I run out of something in the middle of the week.
 The menu board itself was super easy to make. I used a whiteboard that I have had laying around my house forever but wasn't using because I couldn't hang it anymore. I rehung the board using 3M picture hanging strips, (seriously can't believe I didn't think of that before.) I then cut the vinyl using my craft cutter, seriously might be my favorite thing I own. I cut the word Menu out in a much larger size and then the days of the week and the words shopping list in the same size. When I applied the vinyl to the whiteboard, I starting off just using my fingers, but the vinyl would often pull up again. After that I used a rubber scraper to press the vinyl down before I pulled off the transfer tape and it stuck much better.
I kind of love this. Makes life a little more organized and simple. How do you write out your menu?
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