Monday, May 27, 2013

Barbie Sleeping Bag From a Pot Holder

Barbie Sleeping Bag From a Hot Pad
My absolute favorite things to make, are the things that absolutely delight my 4-year-old. I love that little while after I finish a project for her, or her dolls when she thinks I am an absolute rock star. It is even better when that project took hardly any time or money.

My little girl has been asking for Barbie sleeping bags forever. My mom made me some when I was a little girl and after seeing them in a picture from my childhood, she would ask for some on a daily basis. I was looking for an easier way than making them completely from scratch, when I saw some large potholders in a local thrift store. For 50 cents a piece, I thought they might make fun sleeping bags.
Doll Sleeping Bag
 The pot holders I used to make the sleeping bags were about 9.5 inches square and they are just about the perfect size for a Barbie. I folded the pot holder in half and simply top stitched the long side and one short side. They took me all of a minute each and my little girl proclaimed them "the best sleeping bags ever."
Sleeping Bag for Dolls
We have been playing pretend camping all week and there is a tent for Barbies in the works. What can I say, I am sucker for a certain 4-year-old's smile. 
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