Thursday, May 16, 2013

Dried Framed Wedding Bouquet

 After I was married, my mom took great pains to hang my wedding bouquet so that it would be preserved for me to display in my house. She gave it to me when we got home for our honeymoon and I promptly put it in a box and forgot about it. Every time we moved across the country, I would find the box, make my husband swear it would reach our destination in one piece, and then forget about it again.

When we moved into our townhouse, I finally had some room to craft and I swore up and down I would finish all of the projects I always said I would get to. This was one of the first projects on my list. Originally, I  had wanted to use a shadow box, but I didn't love how expensive they were and I decided I really wanted the bouquet to stand out, not be enclosed. This is what I came up with.
 You will need:
Your Bouquet, or another bundle of dried flowers
a frame with a cardboard backing, big enough to display your flowers
satin or another shimmery fabric if your choice of color
paint, to paint the frame
white vinyl
thin wire
hot glue, scissors
 Take the cardboard out of the frame and lay it on top of your fabric. Cut around the cardboard, leaving about two extra inches on all sides.
 Fold the fabric over the back of the cardboard and hot glue.
 Cut the corners off on a diagonal, so they will lay flat on the back.  Glue them down.
 Paint your frame. I painted mine navy blue, my wedding colors were navy blue and silver and my roses are wrapped with some blue ribbon.

Add vinyl to the opposite corners from where your bouquet will lay. Pick any saying that relates to you. If you are a Harry Potter fan like me, "Always" is a great one. It is my way of being slightly nerdy without everyone knowing. 
 Thread your wire through the bouquet, preferably through the ribbon as well, to give it more stability. My bouquet is secured by wire in two places, but if your bouquet is really heavy, you might want a third place. 

Put the cardboard back in the frame. Lay the bouquet across the frame and poke holes in the cardboard where the wire hits from the bouquet. Thread the wire through the holes and twist them behind the cardboard. You are basically using the same concept that holds a Barbie doll in her package. So twist, the wires nice and tight. 

I am thrilled to finally have a way to display my bouquet and next time I move it across the country, my husband can't grumble that I have never done anything with it. ;)
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