Wednesday, May 29, 2013

WotW: Take Control of Pinterest with Pinstamatic

There's no mistaking Pinterest is one of the hottest sites on the web right now. And if you're invested in social media at all, you know you need to have a solid presence on Pinterest. Unfortunately, Pinterest can easily become overwhelming. What do you pin? Where do you find the content? How do you find time to find fresh pins?

The real power of Pinterest for a blogger is in using it to promote your own content. After all, you've worked hard creating awesome projects on your blog – now it's time to let the world see it. But coming up with pin-able images can be time consuming and tedious.

Not anymore, thanks to the brilliant minds behind Pinstamatic. This nifty web app lets you quickly create pin-able images that look great and don't take more than a few seconds. Plus, the interface is so simple that there's virtually no learning curve.

Currently, Pinstamatic has eight features, all accessible from the main navigation bar:

  • Website snapshot
  • Quote
  • Sticky note
  • Spotify
  • Twitter
  • Date
  • Place
  • Photo optimizer
Every one of their tools can be used to positively increase exposure of and traffic to your blog. Take, for instance, the website snapshot. Simply type in the URL to a specific blog post and Pinstamatic will automatically generate an image of your blog (like an incredibly quick screenshot). Then, by simply pressing the Pin button, you can pin it to any of your Pinterest boards.

The quote and sticky note generators allow you to type in whatever you want and select from a number of styles to customize your quote or message.

The Twitter feature will automatically create an image utilizing your most recent tweet. This is a great tool to periodically use to promote your Twitter feed.

The photo optimizer is the tool that perhaps has the most potential for frequent use. Simply upload a picture (via your computer, Facebook or any number of other accounts) and then type what you want to appear above and/or below the picture. Pinstamatic will generate the completed photo, with text, for you.

In terms of ease of use and potential to maximize your reach, you really can't beat Pinstamatic. Give it a try. It's fast, free and easy. Oh, and make sure tweet a shoutout to them (@pinstamatic).
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