Friday, June 21, 2013

Crafting Tip: A Glue Gun Plate

Today's post is more a tip than a tutorial. This simple trick changed the way I craft. I have spent years resting my glue gun on whatever was handy, a piece of a paper, a napkin, whatever was closest to my current project. It worked fine, but not great. 

One day when I was in one of my favorite thrift stores, I found this darling plate. I loved the plate, but I had no use for it. For 50 cents I decided it was going to come home with me anyway. Later that night I was working on a project and the plate happened to be the closet thing to me. It dawned on me that this plate was perfect for just that. My hot glue gun. Now I store it right by my glue gun and use it whenever I am crafting. I love having something specific to use and it keeps my crafting area clean of hot glue debris. 

How about you? Do you have any simple tips that have changed the way you craft?
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