Monday, June 17, 2013

Glitter 2x4 Flag

I am a little obsessed with glitter right now. I had this 2x4 Flag displayed in my house and while I liked it, I didn't love it, so I decided it needed a little glitter. With a little glitter paper and some loose glitter, it is now one of my favorite holiday decorations.

You will need: 
a 2x4 cut into pieces, you need two 7-inch blocks and 3-3.5 inch blocks
Contact paper or a large star sticker
Red, White and Blue paint
American Crafts Glitter Paper in Red and White
American Crafts Loose Glitter in White
Star Sticker

 Paint one 7-inch block and one 3.5 inch block red. Paint one 7-inch block and two 3.5 inch blocks white.
Find a star shape that you like online. Print it out and then trace it onto contact paper. Cut out the star. Apply the contact paper star to your final white block. Paint the block blue over the contact paper. Sweep away from the center of the star. If you sweep towards the star, you risk getting paint underneath the sticker.

When the blue paint is completely dry, peel off the sticker.
 Lay your block length-wise on the back of your glitter paper and cut around the block. Take Mod Podge and secure the glitter strip to the front of your block. Repeat for all of the blocks but the blue one.
 Place your blue block on a piece of paper. Take a paint brush and paint Mod Podge over the star on your blue block, trying to stay within the lines as much as possible. Dump white glitter on top of the Mod Podge and brush off the excess.
Stack your glittered flag, starting with red on the bottom. 
This whole flag besides drying time, came together in less than a half an hour for me. It is a quick craft, perfect for a craft group or other get together.
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(I was given product from American Craft to create this project. All opinions are 100% my own)
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