Friday, June 14, 2013

Glitter Tape American Flag Craft

Glitter might be one of my favorite crafting supplies and one of my husband's least favorite, but I finally found the perfect compromise. This cute and easy-to-make American flag uses glitter tape from American Crafts. Glitter tape is darling, sparkly and best of all, mess free. It is easy to use and  speeds up any glitter craft. 

You will need:
  • Navy Paint
  • White Paint
  • American Crafts Glitter Tape in Red
  • American Crafts Folded Paper Star Pebbles
  • 2 pieces of 2x4, one 3.5 inches long, the other 5 inches
American Crafts American Flag
Sand and paint both wood blocks. The smaller block needs to be painted navy and the larger block needs to be white. 
Glitter Crafts
When the blocks are dry, cut a strip of glitter tape that is the length of the long block. Place the tape at the very bottom of the block. Use the tape as a guide of how far a part to place the stripes. Lay the next strip, right next to the last strip and then mark just above it and then place the next piece of tape over the mark. Continue until you have filled the entire block with stripes.
Glitter American Flag
Peel the back off one of the 3-D stickers and place it in the center of the smaller block.
Glitter Tape
I am completely in love with the glitter tape from American Crafts. It is so much fun to use and it adds a little sparkle to everything, without the mess. It would be perfect for crafting with kids!

Glitter Tape American Flag
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