Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Rose Memory Frame (with saved dried roses)

Dried Roses Frame
Over the years, I have saved roses from the major events in our marriage. I had a dried rose from almost every anniversary, from when my husband asked me to marry him and our wedding day. Every time my husband gave me roses, I would hang one of them out upside down to dry. The pile slowly dwindled over the years as the roses fell apart. It was time to put them to a better use than slowly falling apart in a box in the closet. I wanted a way to display them that wouldn't be too huge. This frame is perfect, it allows them to be out of the box but it doesn't take up too much space. 

For this craft, you will need:
A few dried roses, probably at least five or six 
an autograph frame
a picture
vinyl and a vinyl cutter, I used my Cricut. 
hot glue

What to Do with Dried Roses
Gently snap the stems off of the flower. I found that in general most of the flower started to fall apart when I did this, so I had the hot glue on hand to seal the bottoms. 
What to do with an autograph frame
Draw a hear on the autograph frame, it doesn't have to be perfect, it is going to be covered up.
 Organize the roses in the heart on the frame, so they resemble a heart and then hot glue in place.
 Add ribbon around the edges of the heart to give it more definition.
How to Display Dried Roses
Cut a favorite romantic phrase and add it to the top of the frame. I chose "I adore." My husband always laughs when I use the word adore and I use it a lot. It has become sort of a joke between the two of us and so it was the perfect phrase to use. 
Add a wedding picture or another picture of you two together and you have a beautiful memento of the flowers you have been give from your significant other. 
Dried Roses Frame
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