Monday, July 8, 2013

Top Ten Best/Worst Movie Adaptations of Books

It seems like some of the best and worst films of all time have been adapted from books. Sometimes they hit the book spot on and the movie is excellent. Sometimes the change the book around and I still love and sometimes they miss the mark completely. Here are some of each. Linking up with The Broke and the Bookish.
  • Eat, Pray, Love- I honestly really liked the book, but I can't even tell you where the movie went wrong. It still one of the only movies I turned off before the end, because I couldn't take one more second. 
  • Three Musketeers- Did the film makers even read the book? If they would just stick to the book, they could make an amazing movie. 
  • Ella Enchanted- This is another one, where I felt like they skimmed the book before writing the screen play. I was so disappointed. 
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events- I felt like they tried to pack too many things into one movie. 
  • Jane Eyre- The 2006 Mini Series staring Ruth Wilson is my absolute favorite. Even my husband will watch this one. 
  • Emma- The one featuring Romola Garai is the most accurate depiction. I absolutely adore the story of Emma, my husband on the other hand, thinks it is torture in movie and book form. 
  • North and South- The miniseries is actually what inspired me to read the book and I love both. 
  • The Host- I know some people might disagree with me on this one, but I really thought they did a great job adapting this movie. I think the movie might be confusing for someone who hasn't read the book, but I thought they included as much as they could in a movie adaption. 
Way Different from the Book, but an excellent movie:
  • Count of Monte Cristo- The movie changes a couple of major plot points to make the movie more romantic. Both the book and the movie are excellent stories, they just aren't quiet the same. 
  • The Last of the Mohicans- This is another book that changed major plot points, but both the movie and the book are favorites. They are just different stories. (A note: I have only seen the edited version of this movie.)
What about you? What are you favorite and least favorite adaptions?
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Anne Bennett said...

I need to go back to my list and add some of my favorite Austen movies. I agree with yours.
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Tammy said...

You pictured Cat in the Hat but failed to mention it. M

chrissireads said...

I haven't seen The Host yet, but I'm glad to know that you thought it was a good adaptation. It was one of my favourite books.

Jen @ Pop! Goes The Reader said...

While I agree that the 2009 adaptation of Emma was likely the most accurate as the extended length of the mini-series allowed the story to be examined in greater depth, I could not stand Romola Garai in the role of Emma Woodhouse. I found her performance grating and it often bordered on obnoxious. That said, I absolutely adore Jonny Lee Miller and he was a star in that adaptation, so I'm always conflicted about that one.

Cee @ The Novel Hermit said...

I totally agree with A Series of Unfortunate Events when I first watched it. Now, I don't mind as much? It's such a mess, but entertaining. I wished Jim Carrey wasn't casted to play Count Olaf.

I loved The Host film (probably because of the actors).

Here's my Top Ten!

Sarah Quick said...

I really enjoyed The Last of The Mohicans movie, though I have yet to read the book. I really need to make time to do some and see where the differences lie.

Yvonne said...

I wish I were a reader... and as much as I try to make myself - I just can't do it :) But this is a great list anyway - love a lot of those movies on the good list so yay!

Audra Day said...

Can you believe I haven't seen any of the films on your Best list?? I am glad to know this!

marissa | Rae Gun Ramblings said...

I still can't believe I haven't watched the Host yet! I really need to get on that.

Milka said...

Haven't seen Host, but from the comments I have heard it seems like it probably isn't really my thing. But I completely agree with North and South, Jane Eyre and Emma - all of those are brilliant and ones that I have watched probably 10 times each :D

kimberlybuggie said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE that you have North and South on your list.
I would have put it on mine but I haven't read the book yet! But I have it on my To Read list.
That story is wonderful, and Richard Armitage is not hard on the eyes ;)


Happy TTT

Olena P said...

The book for Ella Enchanted was a lot better than the movie adaptation. Thanks for sharing your list.


Kim Orlandini said...

I agree with your opinions. Sometimes we just have to throw our hands up and say it is what it is. I love books and because I love them, I usually struggle with the movie adaptations regardless. Aye me.

Tabitha S. said...

Ohh! Series of Unfortunate Events. That adaption was not very good. And I can see why they didn't continue with the movies!

My Top Ten

quinnsbooknook said...

Yeah, Elle Enchanted made my disappointed list as well. But I actually really liked the movie A Series of Unfortunate Events. I thought the tone was right, and Jim Carey really cracked me up.

I haven't read the book, but I LOVE the North and South miniseries. Richard Armitage is so dreamy :)

Summer Rumsey said...

Great List! I haven't watched the host yet but I really need to because I really liked the book. said...

Totally agree on Eat Pray Love- good book-bad movie

Chikadee said...

I agree with you on the Host. It might have been better than the book, actually.
But I didn't like the book because it took 300 pages to get to some action. The quality of the movie and the actors were a LOT better than for Twilight.