Thursday, August 1, 2013

5 Ideas for Kids with Eczema

I was given a sample of Nature's Baby Organics in exchange for trying them out. They have completely changed our skin routine and are now the only products we use for my child with Eczema. All opinions are 100% my own. 

Eczema has been one of the most frustrating problems I have faced as a mom. Trying to ease the pain of sore skin, that is extremely sensitive, can be pretty challenging. Most lotions and washes burn my little girl's skin instead of helping. Her skin has become infected from scratching before and absolutely nothing is worse than trying to medically treat fragile skin. Here are my tips for keeping your little one's eczema under control. 

1. Change you laundry detergent and fabric softener. I can't even tell you the kind of difference this has made in our house. I use to use a large critically acclaimed brand and I had no idea what it was doing to her skin until we stopped using it. Try to find detergents that are "free and clear" these are the best detergents and softeners for sensitive skin. We use All Free and Clear and I will never use anything else. 

2. Have them allergy tested. For us, food allergies and Eczema have gone hand in hand. After I had her tested and we eliminated certain foods from her diet, her skin started to clear up some on its one. Sometimes you have to fight the battle from the inside out. 

3. Buy a humidifier for their room. We spent most of my 4-year-old's life living on the Gulf Coast in Texas. It was always humid and always warm. She had skin problems but not nearly as many. When we brought her to visit her grandparents in Utah when she was 2, we ended up having to race her to the doctor because her poor body couldn't handle the dry cold. A humidifier will help keep their skin hydrated. 

4. Speaking of hydration. We keep a bottle of water in the fridge for my 4-year-old at all times. She can retrieve the water whenever she wants and it helps her drink the water she needs to every day to help her skin. 

5. Find the right products for their skin. We have tried every skin product under the sun. Prescription medicines, drug-store lotions, everything. Some have helped and some have made her skin feel like it was on fire. We are currently using the full line of products from Nature's Baby Organics and I am not lying when I say they have made a huge difference in our house. They are natural, sensitive products that still get the job done. 

My favorite products from Nature's Baby Organics are their conditioner and their bubble bath. My daughter has gorgeous curly hair that really needs to be conditioned when it is washed, but we could never find a non-irritating conditioner to match her shampoos. The conditioner from Nature's Baby Organics leaves her hair soft AND tangle-free because it is a detangler too.  

My second favorite product and my daughter's favorite is Nature's Baby Organics Bubble Bath. My daughter has never been able to have a bubble bath before, because the main ingredient in bubble bath is usually very irritating soap. She has complained about it for years and when she finally had her first bubble bath this year, I have never seen anybody so excited. As for their other products, I also like to carry the Soothing Stick in my purse for trouble areas on the go. It is a solid form, so I am not worried about it leaking all over my purse. 

Every child with Eczema is different, but these five tips have taken us from needing four doses of oral steroids a year, just to keep her comfortable, to being able to take care of her Eczema entirely prescription free. 

What has worked  for you? 
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