Wednesday, August 14, 2013

WotW: Complete Those Everyday Tasks Again and Again

Hi, my name is Seth, and I am a taskaholic. Really, I am. I thrive on making task lists just so I can mark them complete. There's something deeply therapeutic about getting something off my task list.

I didn't use to be this way. Until about a couple years ago, I kept everything in my head. Consequently, I was always stressed out and on edge, trying to balance too many things at once. So I started writing tasks down. And I haven't stopped. I'm constantly looking for the next best thing when it comes to task lists. They have freed up so much of my brain power to focus on other, more important things.

I've written about a couple of my favorite task lists, like TeuxDeux and Any.Do, and I have many more I will share over time. But one thing I find regularly missing in these task lists is the ability to set recurring tasks. For most people, there's probably not a need, but if you're a taskaholic, you can easily see the need for a task list that repeats itself every day.

Cue Daily Todo. This site is about as simple as it comes. It has a super stripped-down interface and the fastest setup imaginable, and it gets the job done.

Simply go to and click the large green button that says "Create Your Daily ToDo List".

You will be given a text box in which to write your tasks.

Type a task and press the Enter key to add another. You can add as many as you'd like, each on its own line. Once you're done, press Save Tasks.

Your task list will now appear. You will see all the tasks you added and a checkbox beside each task under the heading Today. The the right of Today are dates for the past week. Like all task lists, simply mark the task complete once it's done. DailyToDo will change that completed task into a green circle.

As days go by, uncompleted tasks will be designated by a red circle. This allows you to quickly see how you're doing on certain tasks and can help you evaluate whether or not you are being successful and if it really should be an everyday task.

If you want to add or remove tasks later, it's as simple as pressing the Edit link and mixing up your task list in the text field.

One of the cool things about DailyToDo is you don't have to sign up for anything. Instead, you are given a unique URL for your task list. Simply bookmark this URL and keep it open in your web browser throughout the day.

I love the simplicity of this tool. If you need simple reminders and a very visual way to track your progress, Daily ToDo is a great site for you. The only downside to this site is it only keeps track of the past week of data. After that, it drops off and you never see it again. If it's really important to you to keep that data, you can always copy it to a spreadsheet.

Even if you're not a task-obsessed person, Daily ToDo could come in very handy with your blog and social media efforts. Write down the tasks you need to do each day and Daily ToDo will help keep you on track.

What do you think? Do you have a use for Daily ToDo?
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