Wednesday, August 28, 2013

WotW: Organize Your Life with Mynd: the Calendar App That Knows Everything

My coworkers think I'm insane. For a number of reasons. But the one eccentric feature that puzzles them most is my phone. It's an ordinary iPhone by all accounts, but the thing that sets it apart is my notifications.

You see, I have multiple calendar apps. So, when my phone decides to notify me about an upcoming event, it beeps five different times for the same event. This makes for a chaotic cacophony of panic every time an event approaches, but it's important to me.

I'm not worried about missing an appointment or anything, I just have a hard time narrowing down which calendar app is my favorite. But I think I may have found the winner. It's called Mynd, and it seems to know far more than my own mind does.

This free app, currently only available on iOS, is a cross between the look of Windows 8 metro and the smartest app ever. It slurps in calendar events from the native calendar app on the iPhone, and in fact, works in conjunction with it – something I find to be quite a strength.

The "Mynd view" shows your day at a glance, by breaking it down into

  • Your next upcoming appointment
  • The local weather
  • People involved with your day
  • Locations you will visit
  • Miles you will travel
  • and how many remaining events you may have.
With one quick glance, you get a good feel for your day. I love the trendy tile look and it makes it super easy to quickly digest what's happening. If you're more into traditional calendar views, you can select the Day or List views at the bottom to easily switch, and you will notice these look quite similar to the native iPhone calendar app.

Making a new event or appointment is as easy as clicking the plus sign at the top, which will launch the familiar new event screen from the native calendar app.

You can quickly see a month view by clicking on the current date bar at the top of the screen. One thing I love about the month view is how dots are added to each day to visually show you how packed the day is. There's even spacing between the dots so you get a feel for if the events are close together or far apart.

Now for the really cool features. First, there's the ability for you to setup your favorite places, such as home, work, church, etc. Once you set these up, you simply have to type in the common name for the place, instead of the big long address, and Mynd will figure it out.

Because Mynd works so closely with Locations, it automatically calculates the distance between locations on your appointments and calculates the driving time you will need in order to get to your next appointment on time. Plus, it will even tell you when to leave!

Another feature I love is the ability to link up your Evernote and LinkedIn accounts. The LinkedIn connection automatically searches for the LinkedIn profiles of the people you interact with during the day. The Evernote tie-in will attempt to fetch notes Mynd thinks are relevant to the appointment. You can also create a new Evernote note right from the appointment. How's that for organization!?

Finally, let's say you're running late to a meeting. By opening up that meeting's profile, you can quickly email, text or call all people (or select members) associated with the event.

While not bursting at the seams with cool features, Mynd still has plenty of unique features that makes it an easy favorite in my mind. In the few days I've used it, it has already become my app of choice. My one complaint is I would love to have the ability to change the color palette, but that's definitely not a make or break issue for me.

As I said earlier, I have a number of other calendar apps on my phone, but Mynd takes the cake. So give it a try.
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