Monday, September 9, 2013

Under the Sea Photo Backdrop

I try to have a photo backdrop at every party I put together. I think it is easier to get people to take pictures at the party if there is a specific place for it. This cute back drop is from The Little Mermaid party I posted about last week. 

I love this backdrop because it was so easy to pull together and it was so cheap to make. Sometimes my photo backdrops involve power tools, so my husband was thrilled that this was something that only took a couple of minutes to throw together and no saws. 
 For this backdrop, you will need:

Plastic tablecloths from the dollar store ( I used four, but it you want to photograph taller children, you might want to grab more)
green crepe paper

Take a long piece of twine and tape it to a smooth surface that is a couple of inches taller than the height of who you want to photograph. You will need to tape it on the two ends and then in the middle as the table cloths will weigh the twine down.
 Since everyone I was photographing was 4-years-old and under, I folded the tablecloths in half and draped them over the twine. If you want the backdrop to be taller, just wrap the top edge of the tablecloth over the twine and tape the tablecloth to itself.
Add your seaweed (crepe paper), across the ocean backdrop and you have a fun Under The Sea place to take your party pictures. 

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