Monday, September 16, 2013

Witch Hat Halloween Decoration

My 4-year-old loves Halloween. She talks about it all year long and then can't sleep the night before. She would take Halloween over Christmas any day of the week and was so disappointed to find that we had hardly any Halloween decorations. So last year we set out to make sure this year we had tons. Here is the darling Witch Hat she requested. She wanted a witch hat with leaves on it, this is what I came up with. 
You will need: 
a witch hat, any size, mine is a smaller hat
fake leaves and pumpkins, mine are also smaller
fake spiders
hot glue
  Tie a ribbon around the base of the hat. You can heat seal or fray check the ends of the ribbon if you are worried about fraying.
 Using hot glue, add the leaves, raffia and gourds. This is kind of a trial and error part to see what looks good. In the end, for me, it worked best to glue each individual leaf down. Working with each individual piece wasn't fast, but I liked the look better in the end.
Add a cute little spider to the top of your hat to finish it off. I love this darling beaded spiders I found, but a plastic spider would work just as well. 

What about you? Have you pulled out your Halloween decorations yet?
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