Thursday, October 17, 2013

Easy Mummy Cupcakes

This year my mom bought my daughter's costume so there is no last minute stress sewing going on in this house. It has left us with lots of time to experiment with new recipes and fun ghoulish crafts. These little mummies are my daughter's current favorite. They are so easy to make, she was able to help and who doesn't love M&Ms and Cupcakes?

To Decorate These Cupcakes You Will Need: 
Cupcakes in your favorite flavor
Two M&Ms for every cupcakes
White frosting 
a piping bag 
a petal decorating tip (I used Wilton 104, you can find something similar here)

Make a small strip of frosting across the top of the cupcake. This is what you will use to secure the M&Ms eyes. After you have placed the eyes, make long strands of frosting across the cupcake and around the eyes. Keep going until the tip of the cupcake is mostly covered and mummy like. We made most of these cupcakes with both my daughter and I holding the piping bag. She did and excellent job and she loved that that she was able to help. 

What is your favorite Halloween treat? 
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