Saturday, October 12, 2013

Free and Stylish Glasses with Firmoo

I was given a pair of glasses from in exchange for my honest review. 
I have a confession to make. I didn't need glasses when I first got them. There was the super cute girl in my 5 grade class that everybody loved. She had darling glasses and so naturally I wanted them too. I squinted a lot until I finally talked my parents into giving me glasses. I remember completely bluffing my way through my first eye exam. I ended up with a pair of glasses I could hardly see out of but eventually ended up needing them because I wore them anyway. 

Now I would love to blame my need for glasses on that dumb fifth grade decision, but my siblings and both my parents all wear glasses, I think I was going to get stuck with them one way or another. 
For something that spends so much time on our face, we rarely spend that much time picking out glasses. I know most of use just don't have the time to spend hours looking at the glasses offered by our local eye doctor. This is why I always buy my glasses online. I can spend time looking at glasses whenever I have it, even if it is 1:00 in the morning. Last year we bought a pair from Firmoo last year and liked them so well we came back to them this year for my glasses.
Firmoo allows you to upload a front facing picture of yourself to their site, so you can virtually try on all of the glasses and see what you like the best. You do need your latest prescription from your doctor, but I always just pull mine off the side of my contacts box. I used the virtual try on tool to help find my glasses this time around and I am glad that I did. Before I uploaded my picture I was completely sold on another pair of glasses, but after using the try on tool, I found that I liked these ones much better on my face. You will need a high quality photo to use, I tried to use one I had resized for web and it was too blurry to be effective. Make sure to use a current, high quality photo to get the most accurate feel of how the glasses will look on you. 
My favorite part of Firmoo is their First Pair Free Program. If you have never ordered glasses from Firmoo before, and you live in one of their participating countries, you can qualify to get your first pair free, just pay shipping.
Firmoo is quick and easy to use, with lightening fast shipping. I was floored how fast my glasses came in the mail and how easy it was complete the ordering process. I highly doubt we will every order straight from the eye doctor ever again. 
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