Monday, October 7, 2013

Junk Food Junkie- My Favorite Childhood Costume

Today, I can't help but share my favorite Halloween Costume from my childhood. My mom is kind of incredible, in about a million different ways. We used to dream up crazy things we wanted to be for Halloween and my mom would make them happen. One year my little brother was Captain Horatio Hornblower and he looked awesome. 

I can't remember the origins of this Junk Food Junkie Costume, I just remember loving it and LOVING getting to eat all of the candy from the wrappers. 

For this costume you will need: 
Candy Wrappers of all kinds (Slice the candy up the back to remove the candy so the front looks pristine)
A Pringles can 
Earring posts
Tootsie Rolls
Starlight Mints
Pin Backs
Hot glue

Clean all of the wrappers with baby wipes. Laminate the wrappers for durability and then hot glue pin backs to each one. Knock the bottom out of the Pringles can and rinse the inside gently, it will be worn as a cuff.  Take the Tootsie Rolls, in their wrappers, and hot glue them around the top of the head band. Add earring posts to the Starlight Mints. We unwrapped the mints and covered them in a coat of clear nail polish before gluing the posts on for durability. 

Apparently photo bombing was big even when I was a kid. I am grateful everyday for an awesome mom who made my crazy costumes come true.  She is going to kill me when she sees this photo....

What was your favorite costume from your childhood? 
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