Wednesday, October 16, 2013

WotW: Make Shareable Images in Seconds with Recite

Take a minute to think about your Pinterest habits. No, this isn't a guilt trip about how much time you are or are not spending on the site. I want you to think about the types of images you pin or re-pin. Chances are there is a look and feel to the images you re-pin.

And you're probably not alone. Many people share similar tastes. But who creates these ultimately shareable images? Graphic design gurus? Perhaps. But you don't have to be graphic designer to join in on the fun. With a simple site called you can easily create shareable images.

This site is about as simple as it comes, and it's to its credit. Simply type in a sentence, phrase or quote into the main text box on the page.

Then scroll through the sample styles underneath to choose the best look and feel for you quote. Recite has a number of great templates to choose from.

Once you've selected your template, click on it. This will bring up your sharing screen. Here, you can quickly share your image on Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook or StumbleUpon. It's that easy! Now you have a very shareable image you can pin to your favorite pin board.

You can also provide a permalink to your image through Recite's parent company, Piccsy, which is kind of similar to Pinterest, but its focus is all on images. You can search through their large library of user-submitted images and "heart" your favorite images. You can also add these images to galleries (similar to pin boards).

While it's really similar to Pinterest, there's definitely a bigger focus on images, which is kind of fun.

Even if you don't get into Piccsy (which it's definitely worth a look around), try out Recite. It's perfect for creating pin-able images to place on your blog and will draw readers in and get them sharing your content on other social channels. Give it a try and share a link to your image with us!
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