Saturday, November 30, 2013

Cafe Zupas- Wholesome Food and Catering

 It is no secret that I love Cafe Zupas. I really respect their commitment to fresh ingredients and I love the energetic teamwork atmosphere that exists among their employees. I used to work in a restaurant and the atmosphere I experienced is nothing like the energy at Cafe Zupas. It is one of our favorite places to eat because of the good atmosphere and great food.
Cafe Zupas is doing it right. Their commitment to delicious, fresh food is different from almost every other restaurant in their same price range.

Great quality food- They serve food that I feel good about eating and feeding my child. They cook their soups right in house with no frozen bases.

Fantastic service- I mentioned earlier that I love the energy in Cafe Zupas employees. Their teamwork is fantastic, they are quick but efficient. When using their catering program, each location has its own catering coordinator to make sure your catered lunch is exactly what you want it to be. They also make sure their employees dressed nice and well groomed, so they fit in, in any atmosphere, whether it be in their restaurant or a business they are delivering catering to.
Cafe Zupas has a fantastic catering rewards program, to reward its customers for choosing them. Every time you order a catering order, you accumulate points and perks. You can earn things such as free drinks and at the end of every year, you receive a Visa gift card with your rewards. You can order party style or box lunches and anything on their menu. My 4-year-old would cater an entire lunch with just their chocolate covered strawberries. 

Cafe Zupas also does an excellent job giving back to the schools in their communities. I love feeling like I am not only supporting a good company, I am supporting the good they do for the schools in my area. Any restaurant that my 4-year-old picky eater actually WANTS to eat at, is fantastic in my book. 
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Friday, November 29, 2013

Food Poisoning and Lice: Holidays in the Trenches with

I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and its client.

I torture my husband. Now I have never tied him to a rack for a cute new pair of shoes, but I do make him spend the holidays with my family. My family is their own special brand of crazy, not the throwing jars of ketchup crazy, but the unfortunate victims of weird circumstances. Almost every time we spent the a holiday with my family, he leaves shaking his head and wondering how next year could possibly get more weird. I could tell you about it, but I grew up with the crazy, so it is better coming from him. From Nickelodeon, Nick Mom and my husband, I bring you the highlights of our holiday mishaps.

When I went down on one knee and proposed to my wife I expected a few things:
  1. Her to laugh at me and tell me no.
  2. Me to probably stumble over my words and say something like, “Will you with me marry like Peter, Paul and Mary?” (What? I say weird things when I get nervous.)
  3. Me to accidentally drop her ring into the waterfall and be out a future bride and a very expensive ring.
But what I didn’t expect was the holiday mayhem I would be getting into once I married in to her family.

I love my wife’s family. I do. But if there is one thing they struggle with it’s having traditional holiday celebrations without some sort of chaos ensuing.

I got my first taste of the madness the first Christmas we had together after we got married. At first, everything seemed normal: Christmas tree. Presents. Senior moments trying to remember which presents go to whom after forgetting to put tags on the gifts. Christmas breakfast. Afternoon spent in the post-Christmas morning sleepless hangover. I thought I’d hit the in-law jackpot.

Then came dinner.

When my mother in law pulled the turkey out of the fridge to begin cooking, the bird was frozen solid. Somehow it had gotten pushed so far back in the fridge that it didn’t thaw. So, unless we planned on eating Christmas dinner at 3am, we had to figure out something else.

So we went out for Christmas dinner. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to eat out on Christmas evening, but your options are few and far between. The only place we could find open was a Betos – the rock bottom, pit of despair version of a Mexican fast food restaurant.

As we walked in to the mariachi-style Feliz Navidad blaring over the tinny speakers, I half expected cockroaches to scatter. If the health inspector had ever been to this place, he must have been missing at least three of his senses and even then must have taken a hefty bribe to give the establishment a grade of: It Probably Won’t Kill You ... Immediately, But Why Take the Risk Unless It’s Christmas Evening And You Have Nowhere Else to Eat.

Don’t get my wrong. I love Mexican food. And the more of a hole in the wall it is, the better I like it. But this went beyond hole in the wall to the realm of buried nine feet under.

As my brother in law bemoaned his fate, my then-5-year-old sister-in-law was having the time of her life, singing along to the Christmas tunes with tacos in her hands. It was eerily like a scene out of the holiday classic A Christmas Story. The only thing missing was the waiters struggling to sing “Deck the Halls.” Though, to be fair, it was all the teenage boy behind the counter could do to get my order right in the first place so it didn’t seem right to ask much more from him.

Thankfully, I survived with minimal food poisoning. I chalked the experience up to a freak disaster. Surely something this bizarre couldn’t happen again. Right?


Fast forward a year. Different holiday. Thanksgiving this time. My favorite holiday of the year. It celebrates everything I love: gluttony, laziness and football. What could possibly go wrong with a holiday with a turkey as the main attraction?

Oh wait.

Fortunately, we’d all learned a lesson from last year’s disaster and the turkey was thawed and beautifully cooked.

As I laid into the cheese ball while watching football, all seemed right in the world. My moment of bliss was disturbed by a scream of panic from my mother in law: “Lice!”

At first I thought she was joking, but there couldn’t be anything more serious. Or disgusting.

Let me explain. My in-laws are very generous people and did foster care for years. There was one girl they grew rather attached to, and when that girl’s birth mother had to work on Thanksgiving, she was invited to spend the holiday with us. Somehow, my mother in law had discovered lice crawling in her hair.

Instantly, everyone went into panic mode. The hazmat suit my wife gave me for Christmas the year before suddenly didn’t seem so strange.

My mother in law scrubbed this poor girl's head raw with anti-lice shampoo, while the rest of us spent the afternoon scouring the house to get rid of any bugs or eggs that may have been laid.

I never came closer than three feet to this girl, but spent the rest of the day scratching at phantom itches, psyching myself out that I’d somehow contracted lice. I even considered shaving my head, but stopped short when I remembered I look like a neo Nazi when I’m bald.

When we finally sat down to eat Thanksgiving dinner, nobody had any appetite left. I couldn’t help but examine every forkful of turkey with suspicion, convinced it was crawling with lice.

Since then, we’ve also enjoyed such holiday delights as No-Carpet 4th of July, Grandma Fainting in My Arms New Year’s Eve, and Don’t Pick Fights with Short Guys Dressed in Green Because You Think They Look Like Real-Life Leprechauns.

In the moment, each of these events seemed like real-life Twilight Zone episodes, but with time they have become some of the most memorable holiday experiences. Because let’s face it: we all have dysfunctional families. And that’s OK. What’s important is making great memories with them.

Even if it does involve lice and food poisoning.

Can't get enough Holiday mishaps? has a fantastic selection of my favorite holiday mishap comics including What Happens 2.6 seconds before the Family Holiday Picture and Fantasy vs. Reality: The Holiday Party. is the perfect place to unwind and laugh after the kids are in bed, whether it be about the holidays or any other topic. You can also find NickMom on Facebook.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Book Review: Fire Light by J. Abram Barneck

Fire Light is the debut novel of J.Abram Barneck, you can purchase the Kindle version of this book here

Jake seems like a pretty typical kid. Part jock, part geek who hopes to escape his crummy home life and home town by getting a football scholarship. Although he seems typical, Jake feels different. He doesn't get sore from working out and he often gets the feeling that he is being watched. His normal life falls apart when he becomes the target of plan to annihilate all  Druids, a magic society he didn't even know existed, let alone he belonged too. 

Fire Light was honestly a pretty slow starter for me. It took quite a few chapters to get into, but I really liked the story line after it got moving. I have read a lot of fantasy type books, but I had never read any with quite the same twist on them. It was a new take with some classic type characters including some vampires. I loved  how the vampires he that were included in the story were more characteristically like typical vampires than most recent stories. 

I really liked the main character, Jake. I felt he was a pretty upstanding guy, but not too adult with typical teenage flaws, such as acting without thinking. He was a pretty over protective guy, especially of his sister, but I felt like that was in line with how close he and his sister were in the book. It was refreshing to read a book with a male lead character for a change, most of the books I read tend to have female leads. I liked hearing the story from the male perspective, but I was a little disappointed that there was a love triangle. It seems like every story has a love triangle now a days and I was hoping for a break from them. I did think the author brought a unique twist to this particular love triangle, that makes it more interesting than most, but maybe more heart breaking as well. 

For the most part I enjoyed Fire Light, but there were a few things I didn't love. The constant use of the work Jeek (combination of jock and geek) got old pretty quick.  I surprisingly didn't love the setting. Fire Light is set in Utah, where I grew up and currently live. The author was pretty specific in his use of cities, locations and streets, which didn't flow well with me. I might be just because I am so familiar with the places he was using. It makes me wonder if I lived in NYC if I wouldn't love books being set there.  The use of many references to music groups and TV shows didn't exactly bother me, but I was glad I was reading the book when it was new and not years down the road when I might not have recognized some of the references.

Overall Fire Light was a pretty fun read, it is very clean, no swearing, limited kissing. I would recommend it to all teenagers and young adults who like fantasy. 
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Monday, November 25, 2013

Mug Tree Bracelet Holder

I love gifts that have a homemade touch, without the hours of work that often comes with a completely homemade gift. This fun bracelet holder comes together quickly with a little bit of prep work and a little bit of drying time. Pair it with a couple of fabulous bracelets and you have a fantastic gift. 

You will need: 
A Mug Tree ( I was able to thrift a few of them for about $1 a piece)
Sand paper or a Sander
Spray Paint

If you have an small electric sander, the prep work takes about a minute. If you need to sand by hand the prep work will take a little bit longer, but it is still pretty fast. I washed my mug trees first before I sanded them, if you use a new one this step probably isn't necessary. Sand the mug trees until the finish is roughed up in all area. It doesn't have to be completely sanded down, just roughed up enough for the paint to stick. Spray paint the mug tree, make sure you turn it upside down and paint it that way as well. After the paint is completely dry add all of your bracelet, or add some cute ones to include as a gift.  

What are your favorite semi-handmade gifts to give? 
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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Turkey Quiet Book Page

Thanksgiving Quiet Book
I had the startled realization last night that Thanksgiving is next week. My husband's birthday is at the end of the week and this month has gone entirely too fast. Losing a week to my daughter's surgery made this month zip right on by me. Every month I try to make a new quiet book page for my daughter's quiet book. It keeps her interested longer if there are new options and I honestly enjoy making them. This month's quiet book page comes together really quick, in probably less than a half hour. 

You will need:
A sheet and a third of felt in your color choice (this is the background)
Brown, orange, red, white and yellow felt
Needle and thread or sewing machine
Sew the third of a sheet of felt to the bottom of your felt sheet. This will be the pocket that will hold all of the pieces. Cut a circle from brown felt, I usually use a cup to help me make a even circle. Sew this to the page as well, about an inch above the pocket. 
Cut two feathers out of the red, yellow and orange felt. I cut mine freehand my folding a small of felt over and cutting the arch of a rainbow. Cut a smaller circle out of the brown, I also did this by folding over the brown felt. Cut a triangle or orange for nose, I like to do this on the corner of the felt, making it easy to get an even triangle. A wattle out of red and two small white circles for the eyes. 
All of the pieces will go in the pocket, except the large circle which you sewed to the background. This will just help the kids to know which page this is and what they are supposed to do. I love this quiet book page because I was able to make it with mostly scraps of felt I had laying around instead of whole sheets. 

Are you making a quiet book? 
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Noori Dresses- A Christmas/Flower Girl Dress Destination For Girls

I was given a dress from Noori Dresses to review in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions are my own, no other compensation was provided. 
Christmas dresses are a big deal to me. I used to make my little girl's dresses until I realized that much stress, right around the holidays wasn't very conducive to a Merry Christmas. When I started buying her dresses, I ran into the same problem every year. I would work hard to find a darling Christmas dress that we both loved, only to get to church around Christmas and see three other little girls in the same dress. It didn't bother me that the had the same dress, just that our selection was obviously so small.
 When Noori Dresses contacted me to review a dress, I was pleasantly surprised by their selections and many different ways to shop. You can shop by type of dress, Holiday, Communion and Easter. You can shop by size, if you want to see everything in your child's size. You can shop by color, if you are looking for something particular for an event. You can also shop by type, if you are looking for a dress with sleeves, they have a whole section that shows you those dresses.
 They also have formal wear for little boys, and a fantastic selection of Boleros for little girls. Boleros are something I have found increasingly difficult to find, so I am glad to know I can find them when I need them.
 So why, do you ask, am I talking about Christmas dresses when my daughter is wearing a pink dress? My daughter wanted the pink dress for Christmas and I wanted her to get the red or black one. We put it up to vote with my husband as the tie-breaker and he sided with my daughter, dirty traitor. I really do love this dress, it has held up well to my rambunctious daughter and she feels like a princess in it. She begs to wear this dress to church.
Right now Noori Dresses is having an 80% and no tax sale, just in time for Christmas. Go here to check them out and shop for Christmas.

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Beach Themed Christmas Ornament

One of our favorite family traditions is to gather sand and small shells every time we go on vacation at a different beach, to make an ornament for our tree. We love gathering everything while we are on vacation and it is so much fun to look back on the fun trips we have taken together when we pull out my mom's Christmas tree every year. They are really simple to make, we have started labeling them with vinyl with the beach and the year too, so we don't forget which is which.

You will need:
an ornament, I prefer the plastic ones that come completely apart because you can use larger shells than if you are trying to fit them in a small whole
Sand and shells from the beach
Hot Glue
Ribbon or Trimmings

Fill your ornament with your beach memories and close up. Make sure is looks the way you want it to, because you will hot glue it shut. Using hot glue and cord or ribbon, glue the trimming around the edge of the opening. This is make it look festive AND seals it shut. Wrap the trimming all the way around and leave enough to use as the tree hanger.  Hot glue a bow or other trimming to the top of the ornament, to cover up the hanger in the background.

We have beach themed ornaments all over my mom's tree and it is so much fun to be able to look back at the wonderful trips we have taken together, each with a little piece of the vacation.

What about you, do you make vacation ornaments?
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Monday, November 18, 2013

Programming Our Life

Considering my husband is a Web Programmer, HTML and PHP have a big place in our life. Sometimes I joke that my husband speaks PHP more often then he speaks English and one day he is going to start speaking his whole life in code. He thought he would start today. 

Did you catch that? No? How about this?

I am so excited to announce that I am pregnant. I was told by my last doctor that we would never have another baby, so we couldn't be more thrilled. It has been a hard pregnancy, but we feel really blessed to get a second baby at all, so I am trying to count my blessings instead of the sick days. 

The FAQ:

  • When are you due? May 2, 2014, which makes me about 17 weeks
  • Have you been sick? More than I ever thought possible. It has been a pretty rough pregnancy so far, but I think I am finally feeling a little better. 
  • How far apart will your kids be? Five and a half years. 
  • Aren't you worried that the kids will have a hard time being so far apart? Not really. It is the same distance between my older sister and myself and we get along great and are involved in each others lives.
  • Are you going to find out the gender? I don't know. Maybe. Our little girl really wants a baby sister. We can't decide which would be easier on her. Right now she has told our doctor that if the baby is a boy, the doctor can keep it. 
  • What are you going to name the baby? We know for sure what the baby will be named either way, but I am not ready to divulge yet. I hate it when people tell me they don't like my baby names, that they are too unusual or too common. So I am keeping this one a secret for right now. 
  • Cravings? Carrots and Peanut Butter. Thankfully not together. 
  • Why did you wait so long to spill? When I said it has been a rough pregnancy, I wasn't kidding. We have been told twice that I miscarried, to find out a little while later I was still pregnant. It has been a roller coaster of emotion, but now that I can feel the little one on a daily basis, I am a little more comfortable telling people. 
  • How did you tell your families? Telling our families was an accident actually. I had told my parents from the get go, because I needed medical advice from my dad, but everyone else was an accident.  Our 4-year-old was able to piece together what was happening from listening to our conversations and one day when my Mother-In-Law asked her where the baby was, meaning her baby doll, she answered with "In mommy's tummy." 

Did I miss anything? I just wanted to thank all of you for being supportive and wonderful. This blog has changed my life in so many ways and I am truly grateful for each and every reader. 

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    Friday, November 15, 2013

    Mint Hot Chocolate in a Slow Cooker

    I was given samples of Stephen's Gourmet to review in exchange for this post and giveaway. All opinions are 100% my own. 

    Who doesn't love Hot Chocolate? My husband. Seriously. From the second I found out his dislike for all drinks that are hot, I have been trying to find the exception to his no hot chocolate rule, and I finally found it. Stephen's Gourmet Hot Chocolate. The Mint Truffle in particular won his vote. It is seriously the only brand he will drink. 

    I have wanted to make Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate for awhile, but I wanted it to be something my husband would drink. I found the solution with this simple, easy way to make hot chocolate with Stephen's Gourmet. Recipe adapted from Stephen's Gourmet. 

    You will need: 
    1 cup Stephen's Gourmet Milk Hot Chocolate, 
    8 cups of hot water (You might be able to replace this with milk for creamier hot chocolate)
    3/4 cup chocolate syrup
    2 tsp. Mint Extract (I have also seen this replaced with 1/4 c. Peanut Butter for Peanut Butter Hot chocolate)
    1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla
    Mint Chocolate Chips or Sprinkle
    Whipped Cream

    Pour the water over the cocoa mix in the crock pot. Stir until smooth. Add the chocolate syrup and stir until smooth. Cook on low for about 4 hours until piping hot. Add the mint extract and vanilla, stir well. Add to mugs, top with whipped cream and mint chocolate chips. 

    We love the creamy taste of this hot chocolate and it is fun to be able to customize it with your favorite flavors. I love that even if I don't have time to make my own mint or peanut butter hot chocolate, I can still have a cup of my favorite flavors with all of Stephen's Gourmet different flavor options. Some of their flavors include, White Chocolate, Pumpkin Spice, Candy Cane, Marshmallow, Cherry Chocolate and many many more. 

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    DIY Fruit/Vegetable Stand

    This year, my goal was to add a handmade element to our holiday celebrations. So many store bought toys are broken after they are barely played with and they don't hold the same memories as the homemade ones.

     My mom isn't a crafter, by any stretch of the imagination, but the presents she made instead of bought hold many memories and we still have them. She made my doll's sleeping bags that my 4-year-old now plays with and a Cabbage Patch Kid jacket that is still on my sister's doll. I love the thought and work that goes into handmade, so I am making bigger efforts this year to make some of our gifts. 

    This particular gift is my 4-year-old's birthday present. Her birthday is in a few weeks and I wanted to make her something I knew she would love. She is always pretending to buy and sell fruit and vegetables, so this seemed like the perfect choice. It was actually pretty easy to pull together, most of the time it takes it the drying time of the stain. 

    You will need:
    a three drawer crate- I found mine at my local Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft stores, in their woodcraft section
    foam brushes
    a dowel that will fit between the slates of the crate in the back, I also bought this at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft stores, loved that there was no need to stop by the hardware store too
    a sheet of felt
    hot glue
    iron-on vinyl
    fruits and vegetables, I wanted the high quality decor ones, so I scoured my local thrift store for them

     The first thing you need to do is stain the crate. I used a lighter stain and a foam brush with a box of painter's rags to get the job done. I have tired to stain many times before, but I felt like this one was more successful than the others. I put a thin coat on each surface and then waited about five minutes before using a rag to rub the stain in. Make sure you pull each drawer all the way out and stain them individually. Allow the crate to dry completely. While you have the stain out, make sure you stain the dowel as well. I forgot this step and ended up just painting my dowel. I cut the dowel in half first, so I wouldn't need to do it later

    Using hot glue, glue the dowel between the slates on the back of the crate. Make sure you do this while the drawers are out. Make sure to glue the dowels to an even height, but the height itself doesn't particularly matter, my dowels come up about 12 inches above the crate. 

    Fold your felt sheet in half and sew a simple seam down each side of the felt, making a sort of pocket. I cut the iron-on vinyl using my Cricut, find more information about using iron-on vinyl here.  Add the vinyl to the felt and then add the felt pocket to the top of the stand. I used Cricut's new tool kit to apply the iron-on vinyl. The Tools weeder was perfect for weeding out the vinyl and keeping even the smallest pieces of vinyl where I wanted them to be. The scraper was fabulous in scrap the unwanted pieces left on the mat off. Overall I absolutely love the new Cricut tools. 

     Fill the drawers with fruit and you have an adorable fruit stand for your little ones to buy and sell from. 
    I can't wait to see the look on my little one's face on the morning of her birthday! I hope this is a gift she loves for years to come. What are you making this year? 

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    Surface 2 Tablet Giveaway!

    Welcome to the Surface 2 Giveaway!

    Some of us awesome bloggers have teamed up to offer one lucky reader a chance to win his or her choice of the two tablets! This giveaway is organized by Bay Area Mommy and cohosted by The WiC Project, Freebie Depot, Coupon & Freebies Mom and Mom To Bed By 8. Giveaway ends December 14, 2013 at 11:59pm EST. Open worldwide. Void where prohibited. Must be at least 18 years old to enter. If the winner resides outside the US, he/she will receive $500 cash instead. Entries will be verified. Winner will be randomly picked by Rafflecopter, will receive an email from and will have 48 hours to respond. If no response is received within 48 hours from the time email was sent, a new winner will be picked. No Purchase Necessary. To enter, use the form below. Good luck! a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Disclaimer: This blog is not responsible for prize fulfillment. For questions regarding this giveaway, contact Bay Area Mommy.
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    Wednesday, November 13, 2013

    WotW: Go On, Give Your Friends a Wedgie

    Wanna give your friends a Wedgie? Oh, sorry, is that a little too forward of me? I don't mean the classic middle school prank/torture, I'm talking about Wedgies, a free online polling site.

    Yes, Wedgies is a real site. And it's not what you'd think either. The whole concept of Wedgies is simple: allow anybody to make simple polls, super quick and easily share them. The Wedgies duo developed the site in Salt Lake City, Utah, and soon moved operations to the bigger market of Las Vegas. Their vision was to allow everyone to give their friends a Wedgie, and to have fun doing it.

    The process is surprisingly simple. I say surprisingly because most other polling sites are a pain to setup, embed and share. Not so with Wedgies.

    You get started by signing up for a free account using your Facebook or Twitter login. Once you're signed up and logged in, click the Ask link at the top of the page.

    Here, you ask a question, in 100 characters or fewer. Then you provide your answer options. You can do up to five choices (more through the paid version), though there is definitely an advantage to doing only two choices when it comes to sharing. More on that later. You can also add an image, just for fun, if you want.

    Once you have your question written, the next step is to share. You can do this through Twitter, Facebook or by embedding it on your website. You can also just share the link to the question itself and send that to people. Each question gets its own unique voting page.

    If you've written a question with just two choices, sharing it on Twitter will place two links in the tweet. When a Twitter user clicks on a link, it counts as a vote for that particular option. This makes Twitter polling both easy and fun.

    The embed option is perfect for bloggers. Now you can get quick feedback in the middle of your post.

    For longer posts, an embedded poll can break things up and keep your readers engaged.

    Besides the easy nature of building and sharing a Wedgie, one of the best features is the instant, anonymous feedback of the results. And everyone can see it.

    There are also paid options, like enhanced sharing, branding and SMS polling, so if you really get into this, you can definitely make it worth your while.

    I've been using Wedgies at work for awhile now and it has been great. It's biggest use? Deciding where to go to lunch. Instead of debating over email, or shouting across offices, we send out a Wedgie with a few options and the one with the most votes wins. Simple.

    If you're a blogger, a mom trying to figure out this weekend's activity or just want to have fun with some friends, Wedgies can provide a simple, fun solution.

    Monday, November 11, 2013

    World's Best London Broil

    When I say we eat this London Broil in our house almost every other week, I am not lying. My husband and I both love this so much, that it seems like every time we pass a London Broil in the grocery store it just ends up in our cart. We have tried lots of other recipes, but nothing compares to this one. The blend of spices is just perfect and when cooked right, the meat is absolutely divine. We have never had leftovers on a night when we have made this recipe. It is just that good.

    Marinating is absolutely essential for this recipe. You need to let meat sit in the marinade in your fridge for about two hours. The prep work is not hard,  you just need to plan ahead a little bit.

    You will need for the marinade:

    • 1 tsp onion powder
    • 1 tsp salt
    • 1 tsp celery salt
    • 1 tsp pepper
    • 1 tsp thyme
    • 1 tsp oregano
    • 1 tsp rosemary
    • 2 tsp garlic powder
    • 3/4 cup lemon juice
    • 1 tsp. lime juice

    Add all of the ingredients to a large Ziploc bag. Mix together until well blended. Add your uncooked meat to the marinade and seal the bag. Stick the bag back in the fridge for about two hours. Place the meat in a shallow pan and cook at 250 degrees for 10 minutes. After the 10 minutes is up, switch to a broil and cook the meat until pink inside. This recipe is truly divine cooked until a nice medium, with a pink center. We love to serve this with loaded baked potatoes, green beans and rolls. The perfect combination!
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    Saturday, November 9, 2013

    Disney on Ice, Our Favorite Outing of the Year

     The first time we took my daughter to Disneyland, she was two weeks old. Yup, two weeks. She even went on It's a Small World, The Haunted Mansion and Pirates. Quite the adventure for a little tiny baby. Unfortunately, we haven't been back since. It is part of the reason we are always sure to hit Disney on Ice when it rolls into town. We can share the Disney Magic with our little one without making the trek to California or Florida.
     This fall's show Passport to Adventure, is phenomenal, it is a trek through Africa with The Lion King, Under the Sea with The Little Mermaid, Hawaii with Lilo and Stitch and Neverland with Peter Pan.
     I can honestly say this is our favorite show to date. We absolutely loved the Lilo and Stitch segment and my 4-year-old is still talking about seeing Prince Eric defeat a huge Ursula during The Little Mermaid segment.

     My 4-year-old actually had to have surgery the day after we went to the show, and she kept telling everyone that seeing Mickey was going to make her strong from the surgery. It was the perfect way to help her not be scared. We had a great time and she was calm and ready the next morning.
     Disney on Ice is a tradition in our house, one that I think will continue for many years to come. I love seeing my daughter's face light up and she loves seeing her favorite characters. I couldn't ask for anything more.
    To find when Disney on Ice is going to be in your area, check out Disney on Ice here or on Facebook.
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