Monday, November 4, 2013

8 Tips for Helping your Child Through Seasonal Allergies

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I am one of the lucky ones. My parents and siblings suffer from all sorts of environmental allergies, but I was lucky enough to escape without any. Pet dander that can swells my siblings eye shut has never seem to bother me. I have never really had to think much about allergies until my daughter was born and I realized she had every allergy I had escaped. Her poor little red nose has undergone much trial and error as I figured out the best ways to fight her allergies. Here is some of what I have learned.
The first step is making sure your child is fighting allergies and not a cold. Allergies are usually signified by a clear runny nose, itchy watery eyes, sneezing and itchy skin. Once you know your little one is suffering from allergies, not a cold, here are my 8 tips for helping little ones with allergies.

1. Clean everything out. Dirt and dander make allergies worse, so make sure to vacuum rugs frequently, laundering them where possible. Use fragrance free, hypo-allergenic products where possible to limit exposure to new things. It is especially important to prevent mold from forming in your bathroom.
2. Control the humidity. If you live in a really humid climate consider getting a dehumidifier to limit the growth of mold and other indoor problems. If you live in a really dry climate consider a humidifier, as humid air (less than about 40% humidity) is easier to breath.
3. Try nasal irrigation with saline. This can really help out with sinus pressure.
My little Rudolph before we figured out her allergies. 
4.  If little noses get sore try rubbing a small about of antibiotic cream on them to help them heal.
5. Avoid allergy triggers. Try to keep your little one away from the plants or pollen that irritates them the most. This isn't always possible, but do your best to know your child's triggers. If you are concerned about what specific things you child is allergic to, you can have them tested.
6. Don't let pets sleep where you child does. Even if your child doesn't seem bothered by your animals, lots of exposure to dander can cause a reaction even if it isn't usually a problem.
7. Keep your house shoe free. Taking your shoes off at the door can prevent tracking outside allergens all over your house.

8. Use Kleenex with lotion to help prevent little noses from becoming sore in the first place. We have tried every kind of facial tissue with my daughter and this is the only brand that doesn't leaving her crying by the end of the day.
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