Saturday, November 30, 2013

Cafe Zupas- Wholesome Food and Catering

 It is no secret that I love Cafe Zupas. I really respect their commitment to fresh ingredients and I love the energetic teamwork atmosphere that exists among their employees. I used to work in a restaurant and the atmosphere I experienced is nothing like the energy at Cafe Zupas. It is one of our favorite places to eat because of the good atmosphere and great food.
Cafe Zupas is doing it right. Their commitment to delicious, fresh food is different from almost every other restaurant in their same price range.

Great quality food- They serve food that I feel good about eating and feeding my child. They cook their soups right in house with no frozen bases.

Fantastic service- I mentioned earlier that I love the energy in Cafe Zupas employees. Their teamwork is fantastic, they are quick but efficient. When using their catering program, each location has its own catering coordinator to make sure your catered lunch is exactly what you want it to be. They also make sure their employees dressed nice and well groomed, so they fit in, in any atmosphere, whether it be in their restaurant or a business they are delivering catering to.
Cafe Zupas has a fantastic catering rewards program, to reward its customers for choosing them. Every time you order a catering order, you accumulate points and perks. You can earn things such as free drinks and at the end of every year, you receive a Visa gift card with your rewards. You can order party style or box lunches and anything on their menu. My 4-year-old would cater an entire lunch with just their chocolate covered strawberries. 

Cafe Zupas also does an excellent job giving back to the schools in their communities. I love feeling like I am not only supporting a good company, I am supporting the good they do for the schools in my area. Any restaurant that my 4-year-old picky eater actually WANTS to eat at, is fantastic in my book. 
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