Friday, November 8, 2013

Canning Lid Ornaments (A Great Christmas Craft for Older Kids)

I am getting a little giddy planning my Christmas tree this year. I think it is going to take everything my husband has to make me keep the tree in the closet until after Thanksgiving. I am just so ready for a little holiday magic. These canning lid ornaments are easy to make and are really beautiful with the lights shinning behind them. They are the perfect craft for older kids, think boy scout age. 

You will need:
Canning Lids
A Nail
A simple pattern that you want to duplicate printed on paper

First cut your pattern out. Make sure it fits on the top of the canning lid. I like to tape it in place to make sure it doesn't move as I work. Place your canning lid on top of a surface you can hammer on. This can be a spare piece of wood, but typically I just work on my carpeted floor. Using the hammer, pierce the nail through the canning lid along the outline of the pattern. You want the holes to be close together, but not overlapping. When you have outlined the entire pattern, pierce a hole in the top of the lid. You will want to pierce several holes overlapping each other to have enough room to slip the ribbon through. Thread the ribbon through and tie a loop, to use to hang on the tree. You can also add a ribbon flourish with hot glue at the bottom if you want, but it isn't necessary. 

We made these all the time growing up, and my brothers loved making them. It is a crafty ornament that appeals to everybody! 
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marissa | Rae Gun Ramblings said...

I remember doing those when I was little they are so so fun!

Becky @ Utah Sweet Savings said...

My girls would just LOVE this!

Alexis Tanner said...

Love how the star turned out! Super cute!

Cranberry Morning said...

Kids love making stuff! Looks like a great idea for a Saturday project.

Holly {Bits Of Everything} said...

My kids need to try this! Simple, but cute!

Jonie Marie said...

I was thinking about doing this exact same ornament this year! Great minds think alike! I love the way it looks Debra!

Anonymous said...

Where do you purchase the plain gold canning lids?