Saturday, November 9, 2013

Disney on Ice, Our Favorite Outing of the Year

 The first time we took my daughter to Disneyland, she was two weeks old. Yup, two weeks. She even went on It's a Small World, The Haunted Mansion and Pirates. Quite the adventure for a little tiny baby. Unfortunately, we haven't been back since. It is part of the reason we are always sure to hit Disney on Ice when it rolls into town. We can share the Disney Magic with our little one without making the trek to California or Florida.
 This fall's show Passport to Adventure, is phenomenal, it is a trek through Africa with The Lion King, Under the Sea with The Little Mermaid, Hawaii with Lilo and Stitch and Neverland with Peter Pan.
 I can honestly say this is our favorite show to date. We absolutely loved the Lilo and Stitch segment and my 4-year-old is still talking about seeing Prince Eric defeat a huge Ursula during The Little Mermaid segment.

 My 4-year-old actually had to have surgery the day after we went to the show, and she kept telling everyone that seeing Mickey was going to make her strong from the surgery. It was the perfect way to help her not be scared. We had a great time and she was calm and ready the next morning.
 Disney on Ice is a tradition in our house, one that I think will continue for many years to come. I love seeing my daughter's face light up and she loves seeing her favorite characters. I couldn't ask for anything more.
To find when Disney on Ice is going to be in your area, check out Disney on Ice here or on Facebook.
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