Monday, November 25, 2013

Mug Tree Bracelet Holder

I love gifts that have a homemade touch, without the hours of work that often comes with a completely homemade gift. This fun bracelet holder comes together quickly with a little bit of prep work and a little bit of drying time. Pair it with a couple of fabulous bracelets and you have a fantastic gift. 

You will need: 
A Mug Tree ( I was able to thrift a few of them for about $1 a piece)
Sand paper or a Sander
Spray Paint

If you have an small electric sander, the prep work takes about a minute. If you need to sand by hand the prep work will take a little bit longer, but it is still pretty fast. I washed my mug trees first before I sanded them, if you use a new one this step probably isn't necessary. Sand the mug trees until the finish is roughed up in all area. It doesn't have to be completely sanded down, just roughed up enough for the paint to stick. Spray paint the mug tree, make sure you turn it upside down and paint it that way as well. After the paint is completely dry add all of your bracelet, or add some cute ones to include as a gift.  

What are your favorite semi-handmade gifts to give? 
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