Friday, November 1, 2013

Snowman Kids Ornament

It is the time of year when I start breaking out my Holiday crafts and ideas, so you can be well done with your crafting by the time Christmas rolls around. I have some fun Thanksgiving ideas too, but I thought we would kick of the holiday crafting season with a kids craft. This craft is perfect for those younger kid and elementary school students. It is easy to pull together and really open to individuality. 

You will need:
Large Popsicle sticks, the tongue depressor type 
Felt or foam in a few colors, we used purple for the scarf and black for the hat
google eyes
a black marker
a tooth pick 
hot glue or other type of glue (this project goes faster with hot glue, but the kids can do it by themselves if you use another glue) 
sand paper
white paint

First paint the Popsicle stick white, while that is drying, if you are comfortable with letting the kids cut the felt, allow them to cut a strip out for the scarf and a little hat. Glue the felt on first. Snap the tooth pick in half and sand the broken end until smooth. Add the face to the snowman with glue, the google eyes and the toothpick, finishing with using the marker for the mouth. Glue a loop of ribbon on the back of the snowman to use as an ornament hanger. 
This craft would be perfect for a large group of kids, as if requires some creativity but not to much individual attention. You can also bring extra stickers, sequins, and buttons if you want to give them the chance to embellish their craft a little bit more. 
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