Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Turkey Hand Print canvas

Every year, my daughter and I love to make Hand Print Turkeys to display around our house. This year I decided I wanted to make one that was a little more permanent. The little ones grow up so fast, I want to be able to look back on her precious little hand prints, so this year we made ours on canvas.

You will need:
An 8x10 canvas (this size was barely big enough for my 4-year-old)
Red Acrylic Paint
Yellow Acrylic Paint
Orange Acrylic Paint
Brown Acrylic Paint
a Foam Brush
Google Eyes
Orange Foam
Red Foam
Hot Glue

Use the brush to paint the red paint onto your little one's hand. I have found the brush is so much easier to work with and make the paint even, then just dipping their hands. Press it to the canvas firmly, if my daughter is being really good, I like to hold her hand to the canvas as I lift it up and press from underneath too. Repeat with the yellow and orange. After the hand prints have dried completely, repeat the process with your little one's foot and the brown paint. When the footprint has dried, glue eyes and a small triangle for orange onto the heel of the footprint. I cut the waddle free hand and glued it above the nose.

The best part of this whole project was my 4-year-old looking at the finished product and declaring she is "the absolute best crafter of all time!" I love creating things with my little girl!
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marissa | Rae Gun Ramblings said...

love love love this spin on the classic turkey handprint!

Jonie Marie said...

Love the sentimental artwork! There is something about seeing cute little handprints that are SUPPOSED to be there that makes me smile. I don't even want to talk about the handprints that AREN'T supposed to be on the walls :)

Holly {Bits Of Everything} said...

Love crafts with handprints. So fun to look back on later. Cute!