Thursday, November 21, 2013

Turkey Quiet Book Page

Thanksgiving Quiet Book
I had the startled realization last night that Thanksgiving is next week. My husband's birthday is at the end of the week and this month has gone entirely too fast. Losing a week to my daughter's surgery made this month zip right on by me. Every month I try to make a new quiet book page for my daughter's quiet book. It keeps her interested longer if there are new options and I honestly enjoy making them. This month's quiet book page comes together really quick, in probably less than a half hour. 

You will need:
A sheet and a third of felt in your color choice (this is the background)
Brown, orange, red, white and yellow felt
Needle and thread or sewing machine
Sew the third of a sheet of felt to the bottom of your felt sheet. This will be the pocket that will hold all of the pieces. Cut a circle from brown felt, I usually use a cup to help me make a even circle. Sew this to the page as well, about an inch above the pocket. 
Cut two feathers out of the red, yellow and orange felt. I cut mine freehand my folding a small of felt over and cutting the arch of a rainbow. Cut a smaller circle out of the brown, I also did this by folding over the brown felt. Cut a triangle or orange for nose, I like to do this on the corner of the felt, making it easy to get an even triangle. A wattle out of red and two small white circles for the eyes. 
All of the pieces will go in the pocket, except the large circle which you sewed to the background. This will just help the kids to know which page this is and what they are supposed to do. I love this quiet book page because I was able to make it with mostly scraps of felt I had laying around instead of whole sheets. 

Are you making a quiet book? 
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