Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Finger Painting

My 5-year-old has become obsessed with crafting. She asks me every morning if we are going to make something today. I am always looking for fun new crafts, so when I saw the masking tape finger paintings, I knew we could put a fun Christmas spin on them. 

You will need:
A canvas (mine is 8x10)
Masking Tape
Red and Green Paint
Tape off a Christmas word on the canvas. We went with Joy, but you could go with Hope or Peace or any other word. Make sure the tape is firmly down. I like to run a ruler over all the edges. 
 Give your child red and green paint and let them go for it. My only instructions to my daughter was to spread the paint out. Not to make puddles. Allow the paint to dry completely after they are done.
 When the paint is dry, peel the masking tape off and you have a darling finger painting to display this holiday season! What kind of Christmas crafts are you making this year?
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