Monday, December 16, 2013

Holiday Pin Art

We introduced my 5-year-old to pin art this last week. You remember pin art from elementary school, right? A simple project with really pretty results. My 5-year-old was capable of doing it pretty much all by herself. She enjoyed it and it kept her busy for quite a long time. 

You will need: 
construction paper
a coloring book page (in this case, we used holiday pages)
a pin with a head on it

Rip your coloring page out of the book and tape it to the center of the construction paper. We used mostly red and green paper for Christmas. Take the pin and poke small holes all around the lines on the coloring page. Make sure to space the holes far enough apart that the holes are separate, but not far enough apart that you can't see the design. It is best to lay on your stomach on carpet while you do this, so you can push your pin directly into the carpet. After you have finished the entire picture, peel the coloring page off of the construction paper and hang your pin art in a window where you can see your work. 
Pin art is one of those simple things in life that I pull out when I am sick of electronic devices taking over our lives. It is something we love to do together. How do you keep your kids busy during Christmas break?
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