Thursday, January 23, 2014

A New Year for a New You at Cafe Fraiche and Vivesque Hair Salon

 It always seems like everything changes right around the new year. I always find myself in deep cleaning mode in my house. Everything I have been saving for that yard sale I always say I am going to have end up in the donation pile. I scrub everything down and set goals for pretty much every aspect of life. I usually end up with somewhere between 30-50 resolutions, a completely crazy amount. On the list for this year was to feel better by eating better and to finally find a hairstyle and color that I love which are low maintenance. 
 Cafe Fraiche at Brick Canvas is one of my favorite new places to stop for lunch. It is delicious and the choices are healthy. I was eating really well before I found out I am pregnant. Lots of veggies and lean proteins, then the morning sickness hit. Everything that was healthy sounded gross and I began the "whatever doesn't make me sick" diet. This kind of eating takes its toll really fast.

 I found myself stopping by Fraiche more and more for healthy options that tasted good. It is the kind of place you stop when you want to feel good after lunch, and not hit that slump that says I ate stuff I shouldn't have.  All of their juices are fresh pressed and incredibly delicious. My absolute favorite thing on the menu is the Islander Smoothie. Pineapple, Banana, Coconut Cream and fresh orange juice.
 I always find myself wanting to change up my hair at the beginning of the new year. I have new goals and a new hairstyle always seems like it should go along with the process.
 When I was in high school, I dyed my hair all of the time. I was always adding highlights or lowlights or going platinum. It seemed like such a fun way to express who I was and since I wasn't doing anything too crazy, my mom always let me. In college, I was so confident in my hair dying, that I let a roommate experiment on my hair. It was an absolute disaster. My hair was one-quarter red, one-half orange and one-quarter blonde. My mom took pity on my sad fate and paid to have it fixed. That day I swore I would never dye my hair again until I was covering grays.

My resolve to never dye my hair again last until about a year ago. Then the dye bug bit me and I went a few shades lighter for summer. Winter came around this year, I had atrocious roots and no desire to keep dying my hair. I called around the local salons, but all of their suggestions on how to fix the problem would involve a lot more dye jobs in the future, until I called Vivesque.

When I called Vivesque Salon and explained my desire to stop dying my hair without having hideous roots for the next few years, they offered a lot of suggestions on ways to bring my current hair color more closely aligned with my roots, so that it would grow out easily and naturally. I felt like they weren't trying to get me back in the salon as much as possible, but wanted me to look and feel great. I have never had just one stylist before, bouncing around between a lot of different salons, but I loved the whole experience at Vivesque so much. They really listened to my hair needs and made sure I always had a drink if I wanted it and the most important part? I loved how my hair looks.
This year is full of new changes for our family, including goals for looking good and feeling good, goals we rely on Vivesque and Fraiche for.
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Prairie Wife said...

Love the hair color, and the island smoothie sounds wonderful...though it might make me long for a beach full of warm sand and crashing waves!