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Affordable and Quick Super Bowl Party Ideas

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I am pretty sure the only thing my husband loves more than football is the food that goes along with it. Every year, we throw a Super Bowl party and every year involves hours of prep work as well as hours of cleanup. This year, I decided to try something a little bit different with one of our play off game parties and I loved the results. This party was easy to pull together, the guys loved it and cleanup was the easiest it has ever been.
With Sharpie and Rubbermaid I pulled together some fun Super Bowl themed decor and food without breaking the bank. I decided to use Rubbermaid containers for all of the food because I knew that storing leftovers would be so easy. At the end of the game all I had to do was put the lids on the containers that still had food in them and pop them in the fridge. I wanted the containers to match the theme of the party, so a couple of Sharpie-marker drawings later, they were perfect.
I picked up both the regular Rubbermaid containers, the Take Alongs and a drink container for our party as well as Sharpie markers at Target. I loved having both the Take Alongs and the Regular containers because I was able to send leftovers home with guests in the Take Alongs and not worry about maybe never seeing my nice containers again.
I took an image of a football and one of a helmet and taped them on the inside of my containers. Using a Sharpie marker, I traced them onto the outside of the container. I loved decorating it this way because I was able to personalize the helmets with our favorite team's colors. After I finished tracing, I simply moved the images to another part of the container and traced them again.
For the ease of clean up, I covered the food table in green butcher paper, because at the end of the day I can just tear if off the table and throw it away. I found the green paper for the football field at my local craft store. I rolled the paper out across my table and then trim on all sides, so there is an inch or two over hang. I folded the paper underneath the edges of your table and kept them in place using tape. Then I used a Sharpie and a yardstick create yard lines along the "football field." For the particular length of my table, the yard lines were about four inches apart, but if you have a longer or shorter table that will vary.
 For us, football isn't complete without 7-layer bean dip, some great guacamole and wings. Everything else is just extra. You can find the recipe for the 7-layer dip here and my guacamole here. I love to had a couple of football stripes to my guacamole with a couple spoonfuls of sour cream to top it off.
   I finished off the table with some little trophies filled with salted peanuts and little stuffed footballs. The guys loved munching on the peanuts AND throwing the little footballs around. The table made the perfect place to host their own little football game using the miniature footballs.
  The whole spread came together really fast. It is probably one of my favorite Superbowl set ups ever. Everything is set up to be low maintenance, easy to refill and easy to put away.
 The best part of this whole party? The clean up. Throw a few lids on the containers, pop them in the fridge and throw away your football field table cover and you a done.
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