Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My Top 10 Bookish Resolutions

Book Resolutions, Reading Resolutions

I love New Years Resolutions. I know most resolutions are forgotten about by part of the way through the year, but I love the opportunity to sit and evaluate what I want out of the year. Every year I post a list of my resolutions, but usually under each resolution is 5 or 10 sub-resolutions that I don't post. Since the link-up for the Broke and the Bookish is bookish resolutions, here are my book sub-resolutions.

1. Read the books I have purchased and haven't gotten around to yet. I have copies of The Elite and Crown of Midnight sitting on my self still untouched from when I purchased them. I think part of it might be because they are second books. I always struggle to make myself read the second book in a trilogy when the third isn't out yet. That doesn't explain why I have most of the House of Night series sitting on my shelf unread though.

2. Read more classics. Some of my favorite books are classics. Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights both make my top five, but for whatever reason, I read fewer classic in 2013. I want to add at least a few new classics to the list this year. I keep promising my husband I will read The Three Musketeers. I plan to get to that this year.

3. Purchase fewer physical books and more E-books. When we moved into this house, my wonderful husband let me convert the dinning room into a library. It is still my favorite room in the house... but it is pretty full right now. I bought a Kindle last year and have loved having a selection of books with me wherever I go. Unless the book is something I have been waiting for (Cress, Mara Dyer) I want to try and purchase it electronically.

4. Use the library's electronic loan system more. Man! The State of Utah has an incredible electronic loan system. I plan to use it a lot more this year, especially with a new baby coming.

5. Read more nonfiction. Out of the 110 books I read in 2013, only a tiny portion of them where nonfiction. I really enjoyed the nonfiction I did read and want to read more this year.

6. Read 30 books this year. Last year my goal for reading was 100 books, this year I am dropping it significantly. Since I am not sure what the personality of the new baby will be, I am not sure what my reading time will look like either.

7. Review each of the books I read. My husband writes a review for each and every single book he reads, so he can remember them later. I love that he does that, I might not be willing to read the entire works of Shakespeare like he is yet, but I can write reviews.

8. Go to more author events! In 2013 I met Stephanie Perkins, Robin LaFevers, Margaret Stohl and Gail Carson Levine. They were absolutely some of my favorite things from the year and I want to make sure I put in the effort to met more authors in 2014.

9. Finish Lord of the Rings. I started this years ago and only made it a book and a half. I would love to finally add this series to my read pile.

10. Interact with more book bloggers and authors on blogs and Twitter. Are you a book blogger? I would love to follow you!

I also want to make more book related crafts this year! What are your bookish resolutions?
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maria helena said...

Good luck with all your bookish goals this year!

Ellie M. said...

Love the list! good luck with all your resolutions :)

marissa | Rae Gun Ramblings said...

Love your list and yes lets go to more author things together!

Prairie Wife said...

What a second Miss Peregrine's?! I had no idea...my goal is to read that as soon as possible! For my 5 resolutions on my blog I wrote that I will try to read more non-fiction. I only review about 2 books a month (under my gotta have it section) but I try to read two books a week, and I don't usually venture into non-fiction. I'd love any recommendations from you for non-fiction I should try!

bookskeepmesane said...

Good luck on your goals and congrats on the baby! :D

Mrs. Diner said...

Great list! I need to read more non-fiction & classics, too! I'd love to see your list of favorite book blogs...do you have one? Loved LOTR & got a Nook about 5 years ago...now my books are 50/50 paper & electronic. The Utah electronic library system makes it a breeze especially on snowy days like today!

Broc\'s Bookcase said...

I have seen a lot of book bloogers have to read the classics as a resolution this year, myself included. I am fed up of people being shocked that I, as a book lover & blogger, have not read many of the classics!
I get what you mean about buying too many physical books. The way I do it now is to buy my favourite series as physical (mostly because they will look pretty on my bookcase (once I buy one - one of my resolutions!)) and then all the general YA contemporary that I tend to speed through I now buy as e-books. There are a few exceptions, but that's mostly how I do it.
I've never really been to any author events, I may add that to my resolutions list too.
Good luck with your resolutions! :)

brocsbookcase said...

P.S. Just saw your comment about more book realted crafts. Check out my Sunday Funday posts, I've been posting up tons of book realted crafts that are simple but look great! http://brocsbookcase.wordpress.com/category/sunday-funday/

Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

Great goals! I'm hoping to find the time to read more classics this year as well and I'm super anxiously looking forward to the release of The One. Really enjoying that series!

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