Thursday, January 2, 2014

What Does The Fox Say Shirt with Files

I was given the Heat Transfer Vinyl to create this shirt. All opinions and instructions are 100% my own. 
DIY What Does The Fox Say?
What Does The Fox Say? If you love or hate the video, you have to admit that it is everywhere right now. My 5-year-old walks around singing it at the top of her lungs on a daily basis, even my little nephew knows most of the words. My daughter loves the music video so much, that I am pretty sure she would wear a full on fox costume if I would let her. She was absolutely thrilled to get a Fox shirt of her very own and wants to wear it every day. This shirt is 1 of 2 Fox shirts, check for the next one and its downloadable files tomorrow.

This shirt is made using Gray Flocked Heat Transfer from Expressions Vinyl. I love their flocked heat transfer because it is easy to work with, very easy to weed and I love how fuzzy it is. You can find the gray that I used for this shirt, here.

You will need:
A shirt to iron the image to
Gray Flocked Heat Transfer from Expressions Vinyl
A Cutting Machine (the attached prepared files for this shirt are for a Silhouette)
An iron
The What Does The Fox Say Files at the end of this post

 Cut your Flocked Heat Transfer down to 9x12. I like to cut down my sheets to make them a little easier to work with. Remember when cutting heat transfer with a machine, you always need to be sure to flip/mirror your images or you text will be backwards when you iron it on. For your convenience, the file included with the Fox design has been flipped for you.
Silhouette Cameo Cutting File for What Does The Fox Say?
 Feed the Heat Transfer into your cutting machine with the shiny carrier sheet down, making sure the heat transfer is under both rollers, so it doesn't slide around. Set your Silhouette to cut Flocked Heat Transfer with your blade set to a 3, thickness to a 33 and your speed to a 5. Make sure to uncheck the cutting mat box. Go ahead and cut. If you would like to watch a video on how to cut the vinyl, you can find one from Expressions Vinyl here.
Silhouette Files for What Does The Fox Say?
 Weed around the head and the letters in the center of the head. Make sure to leave the centers of your letters, such as the middle of the As and the Os, on the carrier sheet. I love this design because you can save the letters for another project if you want to.
Iron On Vinyl What Does the Fox Say
Set your iron to the cotton setting on your iron (or about 305 degrees) Preheat the area of the shirt you want to place your vinyl for about 3 seconds then place the heat transfer on the t-shirt with the right side facing up. With the heat transfer from Expressions Vinyl, you can iron directly onto the plastic carrier sheet. Using medium pressure, iron the entire image for about 30 seconds without any steam. In this case since the image is bigger than the iron, make sure to iron long enough that the entire image has been ironed for 30 seconds. After you finish, I like to flip my shirt over and iron for another 10 seconds from the back. Allow the shirt to cool (allowing the vinyl to cool is my personal preference) and then peel the carrier sheet off. If any parts of the image pull up when removing the carrier sheet, stop peeling and iron for a few more seconds in that spot.

You can find the file to make this shirt here. All files are for personal use only, when sharing please direct people to the post on Housewife Eclectic.

Want to make your very own Fox shirt? Expressions Vinyl has generously offered to give all Housewife Eclectic readers 10% of their purchase by using the code HOUSEWIFEECLECTIC at check out.

So What DOES the Fox say?
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